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ContentArmor, castLabs, CineSend Deliver DRM-Protected Content With Forensic Watermarking at Over 100 Virtual Film Festivals Worldwide

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It’s Not About AI – It’s About the Data (Digitally Cognizant)

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UK Government Task Force to Find New 5G Suppliers After Huawei Ban

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Spotify CEO to Invest Over $1B of His Own Wealth for ‘Moonshot’ Bets in Europe (CNBC)

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AppTek Partners With PBT EU to Integrate Into SubtitleNEXT

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IBM Brings Risk Analytics to Security Decision Making

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Veritone aiWARE Powers George Jon’s eDiscovery Platform, Accelerating Evidence Discovery, Analysis

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Study: Stream-Ripping Piracy on the Rise (AT)

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Keywords to Acquire Heavy Iron, Expanding Game Development Services

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New Research Project Sets Out to Map Scotland’s Games Industry (GamesIndustry)

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