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New Ampere Podcast Episode Focused on the TV and Streaming Industry in Europe

A chat about the current and future state of the TV and streaming industry in Europe. Nick Thomas talks to Sam Young about the battle over theatrical release windows in France, Nei... More

Anuvu: How We Choose Award-Winning Titles

Exceptional in-flight entertainment is essential to enhancing the overall passenger experience. With an abundance of titles to choose from, identifying the ideal content offerings ... More

Will Netflix Account Sharing Crackdown Pay Off? (Ampere Insights)

The move includes most of its largest markets, including the US, which represents almost 30% of the company’s total subscribers and around 40% of its total revenue. Ampere Consu... More

Sony Music Chief Talks Streaming, Short-Form, Gaming and AI (CMU)

Sony Music chief Rob Stringer spoke as part of an event for investors in its parent company Sony Group, setting out his perspective on trends in the music industry, and discussing ... More

The Great Re-Bundling: Who Will Figure Out How to Re-Build Pay TV First? (THR)

At this point in the streaming wars, bundling, rather than M&A, is back in the spotlight.... More

Max Will Stream Over 1,000 Movies and TV Episodes in 4K at Launch (The Verge)

When Max goes live on May 23rd, the new Warner Bros. Discovery streaming service will offer substantially more 4K entertainment than HBO Max ever did. Max will support both Dolby V... More

Is Complexity as Big of an Impediment as Cost When it Comes to New Subscriptions? (Senal News)

Consumers have more sources of entertainment than they can easily use and are eager for solutions that allow them to simplify, according to a new study.... More

Sony Announces AWS-powered RIDEVU In-Vehicle Streaming Service

Created and led by Sony Pictures Entertainment’s new media distribution team, RIDEVU will offer consumers the opportunity to buy or rent hundreds of feature films and television ... More

German Sports Fans Embrace Live Streaming (Ampere Insights)

The UEFA Champions League quarter final last month between Bayern Munich and Manchester City may have seen the German giants knocked out. But there was reason for cheer among strea... More

The Evolution of HBO (BB Media Blog)

From premium cable to streaming giant: the emergence of Max: the emergence of Max.... More

Apple TV Plus Streams Live Concerts in Dolby Atmos (TechRadar)

You can now stream live concerts from the comfort of your living room through Apple TV Plus in Dolby Atmos, giving you an extra level of immersive quality that will make you feel l... More

‘Plenty of Growth Left’: Global SVOD Subscribers Set to Reach 1.76B by 2028 (TVB)

According to Digital TV Research, Disney Plus will add 57 million subscribers subscribers over the next five years, but Netflix will remain the largest platform.... More

The Streaming Wars are Over, and it’s Time For Media to Figure Out What’s Next (CNBC)

The race between the biggest media and entertainment companies to add streaming subscribers, knowing consumers will only pay for a limited number of them, is finished. Sure, the pa... More

France: Molotov Channels Boost For AVoD, FAST (Advanced Television)

French OTT hybrid broadcasting and streaming platform Molotov, now a subsidiary of US group Fubo TV, is stepping up its AVoD and FAST TV activities with the launch of new brand, Mo... More

Iger: Ad-supported Disney Plus to Roll-Out in Europe This Year (TVB)

“We plan to launch our ad tier on Disney Plus in Europe by the end of this calendar year,” said Iger, “which will drive both increased inventory and revenue over the long ter... More

HBO Reveals First Look at ‘Max’ The HBO Max Replacement Streaming App (Forbes)

The thinking here is simple: HBO is a fine brand, but it carries with it a certain reputation. It’s a good reputation, but one geared toward adult audiences. With the Discovery m... More

Amazon’s Biggest TV Shows Could Soon Land on Other Streaming Services (The Verge)

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Hunters, Borat Subsequent Moviefilm, and others could make their way to other streaming services or linear TV channels.... More

Why Did Netflix Cancel ‘1899’? (BB Media Blog)

An in-depth look at the aspects that the streaming platform may have taken into account for this decision.... More

Global FAST Revenues Set to Triple by 2028 (DTVE)

In 2022 Global FAST revenues was recorded at $6 billion in 2022. In its latest report Digital TV Research revealed the US will contribute 55% to the 2028 total. However this will b... More

I Can’t Get No Aggregation, But I Try … (Synamedia Blog)

There are thousands of video content providers aggressively vying for eyeballs. And the quantity of available content is just as staggering. Unfortunately, getting all that content... More

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