Trained on Chips, GenAI is Reshaping the Chip Industry (AIM)

GenAI capabilities can be applied to every facet of semiconductor manufacturing such as design, fabrication, testing, and packaging.... More

How to Achieve Great ADR Using the Latest Tools and Technologies (MediaSilo Blog)

Despite being often shunned or feared due to the perceived complexity of ADR (not to mention the extra work involved), it is a great way to improve audio quality and clean up less-... More

The Cure for Ongoing Development Costs? A Cloud-Native Platform (Ateliere Blog)

If your media supply chain is powered by custom scripts, chances are you know the feeling of spending endlessly on development costs. Although custom scripts can initially seem att... More

How the Cloud is Changing Data Science (HBR)

Cloud tools and technologies are influencing the future of data science work in two key areas: scaling resources and improving workforce agility. If organizations want to make use ... More

CoreSite: How Small Businesses Benefit From Colocation

Data is critical to many of the 33.2 million small businesses in the U.S., and a data center is an essential asset, but small and medium-sized enterprises face several challenges w... More

Microsoft Launches Radius, an Open Source Application Platform for the Cloud-native Era (TechCrunch)

With Radius, developers will be able to deploy applications to private clouds, Microsoft’s own Azure and Amazon’s AWS, with support for Google Cloud coming soon. The overall id... More

CoreSite Launches Enhanced Open Cloud Exchange Bandwidth Connections Up to 50G with Google Cloud

CoreSite announced the launch of new Open Cloud Exchange capabilities that enable clients to rapidly create higher-bandwidth virtual connections to Google Cloud and between CoreSit... More

Qualcomm Launches its Next-gen Chips for XR and AR Platforms (TechCrunch)

The company promises a 2.5x improvement in GPU performance and an 8x improvement in AI performance, all while being significantly more energy efficient. Qualcomm also notes that th... More

8 Advantages of Cloud-Native Application Development (CoreSite Blog)

If you are building software to run in a cloud environment, you can be more productive and ensure high quality if you develop and test those applications in the cloud.... More

Whip Media Announces General Availability of Whip Media FASTrack, Demos at IBC

Whip Media announced the general availability of Whip Media FASTrack, its new solution that gives FAST channels a single place to see their viewership and reporting data across all... More

Expanding Sports Markets Through Streaming, Machine Translation (XL8 Blog)

One of the largest structural changes in the broadcast market in recent years has been the increase in premium live content offered by all sectors of the industry, whether traditio... More

How Liverpool FC Signed Wasabi’s Cloud Storage to Revolutionise its Media Operations (ITPro)

The iconic soccer club has massively improved the efficiency of its content creation and data management workflows.... More

A Closer Look at Text-based Video Editing (MediaSilo Blog)

Text-based editing powered by AI is taking the post-production world by storm. Adobe and Blackmagic Design announced that their respective editing apps would showcase it as a built... More

Tech Mahindra: The Synergy of AI and Cloud Computing

Combining artificial intelligence and cloud computing is an unstoppable force that is re-shaping industries. This article delves into the transformative power of AI in cloud comput... More

4 Ways AI-powered Cloud Support Boosts Your Workforce and Profits (Softtek Blog)

In today's digital era, cloud computing has become the backbone of modern businesses, enabling them to scale their operations, improve efficiency, and reduce costs. With the pervas... More

Right Tools + Right Time = Right Workflow (XL8 Blog)

Creating hyper-localised, translated content that is ready for distribution to any region worldwide is easy with AI-powered machine translation. Simply select your source language ... More

Tackling Content Sharing (MediaSilo Blog)

Learn how one sports giant secured a winning workflow for their video content.... More Now Supports 3D Objects, Paving the Way For Unprecedented Cloud-Based AR Workflows now supports augmented reality projects, allowing users to store, view and collaborate on USDZ and other 3D formats remotely. Announced shortly after Apple unveiled Visio... More

Gaming Production in the Cloud – Build Games Better (Signiant Blog)

Building great games requires great collaboration. Game designers, developers, graphic artists and other specialists must be able to share files easily — especially from remote l... More

How Generative AI Is Changing Creative Work (Forbes)

The buzz around generative AI has been building slowly over the last few years until it reached a peak when software like ChatGPT launched for the public.... More

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