CEOs Cite AI as the Top Disruptive Technology (AIM)

Gartner’s recent survey of CEOs and senior executives revealed that AI was the top technology that CEOs believe will significantly impact their industry over the next three years... More

The Next Frontier of XR Hardware (ARPost)

Terminology and ease of access has meant that it has been a challenge to inform the general public about XR platforms. But at last, we are seeing a shift from dedicated platform-sp... More

Spotify is Testing Token-Enabled Music Playlists (CoinDesk)

Spotify is testing a new service called "token-enabled playlists," which allows holders of non-fungible tokens to connect their wallets and listen to curated music. The pilot is cu... More

Too Big to Ignore? Why Attitudes Over NFTs in Media are Changing (Mediatel)

From big media players to wartime leaders, non-fungible tokens continue to become a hot option for creating new income streams in changing industries. But with the gold rush comes ... More

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