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Akamai: COVID-19 Lockdowns Saw Spike in Gaming Cyberattacks

The recent pandemic lockdowns had an unexpected consequence: an uptick in attack traffic against both video game companies and players. That’s according to a new report from A... More

IBM Brings Risk Analytics to Security Decision Making

IBM Security announced a new risk-based service designed to help organisations apply the same analytics used for traditional business decisions to cybersecurity spending priorities... More

The Cybersecurity Threat No One Talks About is a Simple Code (Forbes)

QR code adoption is soaring this year as every business pursues touchless selling, service and customer experience strategies to protect their customers and employees during the pa... More

Cybersecurity Bounces Back, but Talent Still Absent (Dark Reading)

While the demand for cybersecurity talent rebounds, organizations will need to focus on cyber-enabled roles to fill immediate skills gaps.... More

Back to Basics: Creating a Culture of Cybersecurity at Work (Security Intelligence)

The importance of security culture can be seen now more than ever. Many of us work remotely; there are app concerns; and the lines between personal and business use of devices and ... More

CISO: The Technical Unicorn (CISO)

The parallels to the plight of the modern-day CISO as the lone sentry guarding against the barbarian hordes charging the wall, while dramatic, are not far off the mark for comparis... More

Cyberwarfare Fears Add to Security Headaches for Businesses (ZDNet)

Almost two-thirds of information security professionals believe that cyberwarfare is a threat to their organization as nation-state-backed cyberattacks become more common and large... More

Creating a Cybersecurity Culture Starts With Your Team (Security Intelligence)

As cyberattacks become more prevalent and sophisticated, companies must put more faith in their employees to make sure they don’t put data at risk or fall victim to ransomware. B... More

Most Cybersecurity Reports Only Focus on the Cool Threats (ZDNet)

Academics: Only 82 of the 629 commercial cyber-security reports (13%) published in the last decade discuss a threat to civil society, with the rest focusing on cybercrime, nation-s... More

How Hackers are Weaponizing AI (TechHQ)

In an age where everything is becoming connected and data is regarded as a business’s most valuable commodity, cybersecurity continues to diversify in a hyper-competitive marketp... More

Vast Majority of Cyberattacks on Cloud Servers Aim to Mine Cryptocurrency (ZDNet)

An analysis of one year's worth of cyber-attacks recorded in cloud honeypot servers reveals that the vast majority of hackers target cloud infrastructure with the purpose of deploy... More

Convergent Risks Expands Security Assessment Resource in APAC

Convergent Risks announced that it has expanded capacity in the APAC region with additional full-time security assessment resource for the region in response to increased demand fr... More

House Passes Bipartisan IoT Security Bill to Fix ‘Glaring Gap’ in Cyber Infrastructure (FNN)

A bipartisan bill setting minimum security standards for Internet of Things devices connected to federal networks passed the House Monday. The bill now awaits a Senate floor vote b... More

The Future of Cybersecurity – Pitting Machine Against Machine (Tech HQ)

At Darktrace’s AI labs, Cyber Analysts have been exploring what offensive AI might look. Developing prototypes that autonomously determine an organisation’s most high-profile t... More

Ransomware: Huge Rise in Attacks This Year as Cyber Criminals Hunt Bigger Paydays (ZDNet)

Researchers warn of a seven-fold rise in ransomware attacks compared with last year alone - and attackers are continually evolving their tactics.... More

Cybersecurity Operations: 5 Ways to Cut Costs Without Pain (Security Intelligence)

Cybersecurity frameworks are notoriously expensive to build and maintain. And, business leaders are frequently dissatisfied with their effectiveness. According to research conducte... More

How AI Will Automate Cybersecurity in the Post-COVID World (VB)

In the future, nearly every piece of technology we use will be under constant attack – and this is already the case for every major website and mobile app we rely on. Understandi... More

How the Pandemic Has Made its Mark on Cybersecurity (TWA)

2020 has been hard on all businesses. A sudden shift to remote work combined with a spike in cyberattacks has served up a dangerous cocktail – and businesses have scrambled to sh... More

OpSec Security Introduces Riya Sood as Chief Human Resources Officer

OpSec Security has introduced Riya Sood, Chief Human Resources Officer, as a newest member of the Executive team. (more…)... More

Data Breach Protection Must Include Physical Security (Security Intelligence)

If most of your business’ data and workloads are handled on public clouds, it can be easy to forget about the onsite servers.... More