Content Protection Summit Returns to Vegas at NAB Show

The top minds in content protection for media and entertainment will gather in-person at the NAB Show. Started in 2018, CDSA’s Content Protection Summit returns to Las Vegas the day before NAB exhibits open on Saturday, April 23rd from 1 – 5:30 p.m. at SAHARA Las Vegas. Content owners and their service provider partners will bring a focus on the latest content protection challenges our industry is facing as we emerge out of COVID-19 lockdowns. This year’s Summit looks ahead at the challenges facing the security community in 2022 and beyond.

Here’s a first look at some of the content that will be presented:

• The experts at Richey May Technology Solutions will examine the state of content protection in multiple sessions, including “Uninstalling the Enemy” and “The Hollywood Ransomware Assessment.” As studios and networks increasingly add new productions their vendors feel the strain on available talent and resources. Additional talent pools that use pirated software and cut corners by working on unsecure networks brings new dangers and issues.

• “Turning Chaos into Calm: Simplifying and Synchronizing Technology to Address Piracy Threats” will see David Wurgler, senior director of business development and anti-piracy for NAGRA, discuss the how the phenomenal growth of online video is also attracting the most sophisticated pirates. Content owners and services providers are going to great pains to close security loopholes as quickly as they open. The inherent problem is that securing content is never one-dimensional. Technology that addresses one security gap often leaves another wide open.

• Steve Hawley, managing director of Piracy Monitor, takes inventory of the current state of piracy in the industry, in the presentation “Anti-Piracy Takes Center Stage in 2022.” Media companies, their distributors and advertisers have become aware of the range of risks and impact of piracy and have driven the anti-piracy discussion from the wishful thinking phase into the industry mainstream. Losses associated with piracy have become well-defined and budgets for anti-piracy initiatives have become easier to justify. But new piracy use-cases and attack surfaces are constantly emerging, and everyone has to stay ahead of the game to succeed.

• The session “The Community Approach to Securing M+E” aims to highlight both the individual work and the increased collaboration of CDSA, its members, and industry partners. As entertainment moves toward a more fluid and connected infrastructure, subject matter experts and their unique approaches to the problem solving play a critical role in tackling these increasingly challenging workflows and distribution models. Our evolving industry needs common solutions to common problems, together with building a foundation of infrastructure security that speaks to individual company’s respective software and enterprise strategies.

• “A Collaborative, Global Approach for Content Protection & Anti-Piracy” will discuss the scale, scope, and complexity of the global market as the industry continues to evolve. The “whack-a-mole” approach to anti-piracy is outdated thinking in media and entertainment. There’s a growing understanding that the recognition of piracy, and the fight against it, are an ongoing process that requires an ecosystem of interlocking parts and not a ‘one-and-done’ proposition. The ecosystem continues to grow as more players play a role. Stakeholders include rights-holders, distributors, providers of technical and production services, technology providers, industry associations, law enforcement, courts and the legal system, governmental agencies, and legislators.

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The 2022 Anti-Piracy and Content Protection Summit is presented by Richey May Technology Solutions, with sponsorship by Convergent Risks, NAGRA, BuyDRM and Vision Media. The media partner is Piracy Monitor.

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