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Event Schedule (all times GMT):

8:00 – Venue Opens
9:30 – Opening Remarks/General Sessions Begin
11:30 – General Sessions Resume
13:30 – General Sessions Resume
15:45 – EIDR Annual Participant Meeting
17:30 – Closing Remarks/NETWORKING RECEPTION


The British film industry is iconic, home of the Bond movies, Harry Potter and such classics as Brief Encounter and The 39 Steps. With so much history and knowledge, as well as our industry producing more content than ever to satisfy the streaming platforms, it’s little wonder that there is so much expansion and investment with new facilities planned and huge sums being spent to upgrade existing studio space. As the Hollywood majors and streamers all battle for studio space and talent, the UK film industry will grow even more important. Our event will discuss some of this expansion, the new standards and tools required to manage the growth, and the need for innovation and transformation to continue and drive more opportunities for the future of British Hollywood.

9:30 a.m.
Opening Remarks

Caroline Baines, Senior Director of Client Services, MESA
Guy Finley, President & Chief Executive Officer, MESA

9:45 – 10:15 a.m.
TRANSFORMING M+E: Advocating Data Infrastructure Standards

Software and digital equipment operate only as well as the digital infrastructure that supports them. The data industry with its decades of hard won experience has developed all standards and practices in the design, construction, security, and maintenance of the digital foundational layer to support any data driven operation. Advocating that M&E facilities adhere to these digital infrastructure standards and practices supports a better customer use experience of a manufacturer’s software application and/or data equipment. In this opening session you’ll learn why our industry needs to collaborate for the same reason the airline industry depends on the Federal Aviation Agency: performance, reliability, sustainability, security, and customer experience.
Moderator:Guy Finley, President & Chief Executive Officer, MESA
Brad Blackbourn, Virtual Production Manager, Third Floor
Simon Kebeiks, Virtual Production Technical Engineer, Holobay
Sean Tajkowski, Technical Director, MEDCA
Hugh Davies Webb, Product Manager, Brompton Technology

10:15 – 10:30
What to Consider When Purchasing LED Panels

What should producers, integrators and studios take into account when considering an LED wall (or upgrading their current facility? And how do we get beyond all the jargon and acronyms being thrown around as this part of production becomes more accessible for all content creators? This session helps set the stage for the “virtual production” discussions throughout the day.
Hugh Davies Webb, Product Manager, Brompton Technology

10:30 – 11:00
Better Data Management to Keep Virtual Productions on Time & on Budget

Virtual productions rely heavily on 3D assets. When you are shooting in a volume, the assets being rendered in real-time need to be right! The process of getting those assets pixel perfect starts early, and involves many versions, artists, and even different organizations. Come learn how the Perforce Versioning & Collaboration Suite can not only help in the early stages of a virtual production but also when you are shooting in a volume, keeping your production on track and on budget. ​
Gerhard Krüger, Professional Services Consultant, Perforce

11:00 – 11:30


11:30 – 12:00
New Tools for Efficiencies in Virtual Productions

This session looks at the innovative approach to understanding performance across your LED volume. Coupled with Their Hydra Callibration System, the DynaCal reporting app offer a quick and easy way of comparing panels and checking they are capable of delivering what is needed at any given point or for a specific project. In a fast-paced and mission-critical environment, you;’re one click away from data that can help inform decisions about how their panels should be used.
Hugh Davies Webb, Product Manager, Brompton Technology

12:00 – 12:30
Residential IP Addresses: A Rising Threat to Content Exclusivity

Over-the-top (OTT) streaming services are facing a new threat: hijacked residential IP addresses. An estimated 200 million people unknowingly have had their home IP addresses hijacked by premium VPN vendors or during cyber-attacks. Pirate viewers use these IP addresses to access territorially restricted content for free or at a reduced price. By hiding behind a legitimate domestic IP address, pirate viewers can easily bypass VPN restrictions because streaming providers can’t risk blocking genuine users. Yet the failure to stop this form of geo-piracy puts OTT streaming services at risk for non-compliance with rights holders’ agreements for content exclusivity. Join this session to learn strategies for protecting your content from this latest, yet little-understood, threat, so you can uphold your contractual obligations, stop fraud and safeguard your revenue.
James Clark, General Manager, Media & Entertainment, GeoComply
Brian Paxton, Managing Director, Kingsmead Security

12:30 – 13:30


13:30 – 14:00
Virtual Production – An Industry Analyst Perspective

Prior to the pandemic the term virtual production was little discussed let alone implemented. Fast forward two years and the world is a very different place. If nothing else the pandemic has taught us that a huge amount can be achieved remotely and that technological change can happen at breakneck speed when it needs to. However, for virtual production to continue its growth trajectory there is a massive learning curve the industry needs to climb. Here about the key trends and developments which are taking place in the industry right now and the future roadmap.
Chris Evans, Head of Pro Video, Futuresource Consulting

14:00 – 14:30
Green Streams – The Green Mile is More of a Marathon

Each week seems to see the roll-out of more streaming services across the globe, with consumers insatiable appetite for content leading to more conversations around sustainability and the impact on energy consumption. With the myriad of services on offer and the number of players involved the industry needs to look at best practices to encourage a more efficient use of energy across the entertainment supply chain. Hear from those that are leading these conversations and who are looking to exact real and positive change for all.
Dom Robinson, Founder, Greening of Streaming

14:30 – 14:45
Innovating within ESG: Environmental/Social/Governance

Network evolution has always been a conversation about ever increasing speeds and feeds to help process and access data. However new architectures also provide an opportunity to reduce materials in these networks and thus providing network operators the opportunity to achieve ESG goals. CommScope has ESG as part of it’s DNA from its facilities and people and passes that down to its Customers.
Jason Bautista, Solutions Architect, Enterprise Strategy and Technology, Commscope

14:45 – 15:15
Why Data Centers are the New Frontier in the Fight Against Climate Change

Recent predictions state that the energy consumption of data centres is set to account for 3.2 percent of the total worldwide carbon emissions by 2025 and they could consume no less than a fifth of global electricity. By 2040, storing digital data is set to create 14 percent of the world’s emissions, around the same proportion as the US does today.
Moderator: Guy Finley, President & Chief Executive Officer, MESA
Jason Bautista, Solutions Architect, Enterprise Strategy and Technology, Commscope
Dean Nelson, Founder & Chairman, Infrastructure Masons
Dom Robinson, Founder, Greening of Streaming
Sean Tajkowski, Technical Director, MEDCA


15:45 – 16:00
Opening Remarks

Hollie Choi, Managing Director, EIDR

16:00 – 16:30
What is the Cloud Localisation Blueprint (and Why does it Matter?)

Launched during IBC’s Accellerator Program this September, and involving 10+ companies across the localisation supply chain, “The CLB” pioneered a streamlined, cloud-based workflow approach to increase efficiencies and transparency among the participants. Often described as “spaghetti-like” the process of content localisation lacks visibility, and with the vast number of vendors, studios, and service providers involved, it is ripe for innovation, transformation, and disruption. The CLB is the catalyst for changing how partners engage and interact along this chain with the help of automation and transparency.
Moderator: Hollie Choi, Managing Director, EIDR
James Crossland, Senior Vice President, Head of Global Content Operations, WarnerBros. Discovery
Lucia Johnstone-Cowan, Senior Sales Manager, Codemill
Nicky McBride, Global Business Development & Client Relationships, Iyuno
Tuncay Pervaz, Executive Vice President, Operations & Customer Success, Fabric

16:30 – 17:00
Behind the Scenes: The Technology of The CLB

This session takes a quick tour of the companies and technology behind the Cloud Localisation Blueprint, with an emphasis on automation, scalability, and collaboration. From the cloud backbone to the tools that drive efficiencies, we’ll highlight the most important aspects and innovations that can transform our industry approach. Join us to learn more about the tech behind the scenes!
Moderator: Hollie Choi, Managing Director, EIDR
Ryan McKeague, Principal Specialist Solutions Architect, Media Supply Chain & Archive, Amazon Web Services
Robert Raver, Senior Media and Entertainment Specialist Solutions Architect, Media Content Creation and Supply Chain, Amazon Web Services

17:00 – 17:30
CLOSING PANEL: Introducing the EIDR Board of Directors

EIDR is the single source of truth for entertainment content. Whether episodic or feature, streamed, web or other distribution method, it needs an EIDR to ensure the content moves efficiently through multiple technology systems on its way to the consumer. This session discusses the future vision for EIDR that is wrapped up in a single concept: Added value. Through EIDR’s Registry (product) we are designing our own future to add value to our members, to the industry, to our workflows and to our future members (knowing the explosion of content production to satisfy the international streaming audience in the Post-Pandemic world). EIDR is evolving in many ways: technically, conceptually and through adoption and the next iteration is exciting. In this closing conversation, you’ll learn more about where EIDR’s going!
Greg Geier, Senior Vice President, Digital Media Supply Chain Strategy and Operations, Sony Pictures
Kyle Mattus, Manager, Google TV Content Operations EMEA, Google
Sarah Nix, Senior Director, Archives & Global Data Governance, Paramount
Thuy Kim, Vice President, Content Data Services, Warner Bros. Discovery
Chris Steck, Senior Director, Technology, Strategy and Standards, Xperi

Conference Closing Remarks

Caroline Baines, Senior Director of Client Services, MESA
Hollie Choi, Managing Director, EIDR
Guy Finley, President & Chief Executive Officer, MESA

17:30 – 18:30