Here’s a short sample of the studio technology executives who attended last year’s Cybersecurity & Content Protection Summit.

NAB Vice President, Meetings & Events
AMC Networks Vice President, IP Protection
MovieLabs Vice President, Distribution Technology
The Walt Disney Studios Vice President, Content Technologies
The Kitchen Vice President Engineering
Turner Vice President Content Security & Anti-Piracy
Entertainment One Vice President Business Solutions
Warner Bros. Vice President
CNE Technical Operations Manager
SKY Perfect JSAT Corporation Team Manager
BOT VFX Systems & Security Manager
Atlanta DTH, Inc. Strategic Partnerships
Warner Bros. Software Architect
Sky Sky VR
BBC STUDIOS Service Delivery Manager
Eikon Group Senior Vice President Technology & Systems
Lionsgate Senior Vice President Post Production
AMC Networks Senior Vice President Media Management
Atlanta DTH, Inc. Senior Vice President
Sky Senior Technologist
DISH Senior Manager
IEEE Consumer Electronics Magazine Senior Editor-Technology
PBS Senior Director, Media Platforms
Universal Pictures Senior Director, Film Security
NBA Senior Director
Bloomberg LB Senior Developer
NAGRA Senior Business Development Manager
Netflix Security Architect
Cambridge Quantum Computing Scientific Head of Business Development Sales Manager
CSN Professor
TGM Vienna Professor
HBO Productions and Content Cybersecurity
Netflix Product Manager
East Carolina Radio & Television President
Side Street Post and VFX President
NA Security Marketing Manager [email protected]
Google partner technology manager
GLOBO International Operations Manager
Government of Kenya MP
T-Mobile USA Member of Technical Staff
Inside Radio Managing Editor
Cable Network Egypt (CNE) Managing Director
Universal Pictures Manager Post Production Content Security
The Walt Disney Studios Manager – App and Cloud Security
Etisalat MANAGER
Media Networks Latin America JEFE TECNICO
Atisa Industrial IT Manager
O2 Films IT Manager
Institute for Defense Analyses IT Analyst
TELECLUB AG IT & Multimedia
Netflix InfoSec Manager
BBC Studios Information Security Specialist
NBC Universal Information Security Officer – Broadcast
Apple Information Security
BBC Information Security
MSP Entertainment Head of Technology
Madison2Sunset Head of Strategic Partnerships
Pearl TV, LLC Head of Development
DMCAForce Head of Business Development
Walt Disney Studios Head of App & Cloud Security
SuperAI Founder.CEO
Paramount Pictures Executive Director, Content Security
Emus International Co., Ltd. Executive Director
Midnight Oil Agency EVP, IT & Strategy
Warner Bros DirectorDigital Media Engineering
CBS Director, Online Copyright Protection
STX Entertainment Director, IT Infrastructure
Midnight Oil Agency Director, IT
The Walt Disney Co. Director, IP Protection
T-Mobile Director, Core Services Support
Motion Picture Association of America Director, Content Security Program
NBCUNIVERSAL Director, Content Security
Synamedia Director Security Sales
Mels Studios Director Production Technology
EIKON Director of Technology
Midnight Oil Agency Director of Security
EMF Director of Cybersecurity
Univision Communications, Inc. Director Media Systems
Charter Communications Director
EPEAK Studio Director
Etisalat Director Director
FOX Digital Engineering Consultant
Apple Digital Content Protection
Voice of America Deputy CIO
Twentieth Century Fox Content Security Specialist
Legendary Content Protection Manager
The Walt Disney Studios Content & Information Security
IBC Consultant
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Computer Scientist
Side Street Post Inc. Colorist
Walt Disney Studios Cloud Architect
Fourlines Films Cinematographer
Olympic Broadcasting Services. OCS Chief Technology Officer
Periscope Post and Audio Chief Operating Officer
MGM Studios Chief Information Security Officer
Entertainment One Chief Information Officer
Convergent Risks INC Chief Executive Officer
Government of Kenya Chief Executive Officer
KTOP TV-10.City of Oakland Chief Engineer
Federal Communications Commission Chief Counsel for Cybersecurity, Public
TrueNorth Sports and Entertainment Broadcast Engineer
Emblematic Group Award-Winning Filmmaker & Journalist
university of Colorado Denver Associate Professor
ATT Associate Director