Content Protection Summit Brings Industry Stakeholders Back Together

The Dec. 16 Content Protection Summit event at the Luxe Sunset Boulevard Hotel in Los Angeles will finally bring industry stakeholders back together in person together again to mingle with counterparts and hear live presentations on the latest challenges and solutions for media and entertainment in the content protection and cybersecurity space.

Meanwhile, remote attendees worldwide won’t miss a single thing by using MESA’s recently introduced metaverse environment, the Rendez.Vu-powered MESAverse, an interactive 3D-world that allows for hybrid live and virtual events.

From keynotes to panel discussions to technology showcases — all designed to offer senior-level content and information security experts the key information around the latest in content protection across the entire supply chain for entertainment — here’s what to expect:

• Following opening remarks by leadership from the Content Delivery & Security Association (CDSA), IBM and Synamedia, IBM Security’s Alden Hutchison kicks things off with the presentation, “Adopting Zero Trust – What is it, What’s Working and What Isn’t.” He’ll discuss the principles of a zero trust philosophy, and how it has evolved to become a top concern for organizations today, and will offer specific guidance on where to start to begin reducing risk, and how IBM Security has helped hundreds of organizations with any or all parts of their zero trust journey.

• The opening keynote of the day — “Managing Risk in an Interconnected World is Everyone’s Responsibility” — comes from Roger Cressey, a counter-terrorism analyst for NBC and a former presidential advisor. He’ll detail how today’s cybersecurity requirements extend beyond traditional IT networks and need to focus on individual approaches as well as corporate strategy and structure. With media and entertainment moving entirely to native digital workflows during the pandemic, interdependencies between networks, devices, and users that were impossible to predict just over a year ago have been created.

• “A Closer Look at Consumer Behavior and Illegal Streaming” will see Justin Caple, VP of sales and accounts for the Americas for Synamedia, examine how consumer behavior reveals the interconnected nature of illegal consumption that extends to other sports and premium content. Understanding these trends will help inform the anti-piracy strategy of rights holders, broadcasters, and OTT platform owners.

• Atkinson and James Dunkelberger, senior director of product release and security services for Microsoft, and chairman emeritus of CDSA, will discuss the critical connectivity between leadership, management and business decisions being driven in any sized organization, in the presentation “Building Leadership Across Our Technology Communities.”

• Beginning at 11 a.m., attendees both in-person and virtually will be able to choose from three tracks of breakout presentations, where subject matter experts will share innovative ideas, processes, and perspectives in an interactive and intimate way:


• “Security Practices for Cloud Services in Production” with MovieLabs.

• “Journey of the Virtual Film Festival Platforms” with Convergent Risks, Universal Pictures, Film Festival Flix, Eventive, and Shift 72.

• “What’s Keeping Hollywood Up at Night? A Year in Review” with Richey May Technology Solutions.

• “Always-on Security: The Importance of Watermarking in Production and Post-Production” with NAGRA and Vision Media.

• “Is Private the New Secure?” with PacketFabric.


• “Fighting Ransomware & Remaining Out of the Spotlight” with INTRUSION.

• “Stop the Leaks, Not the Collaboration: Insider Risk Best Practices for M&E” with Code42.

• “The Evolution of CDSA’s Control Framework” with CDSA.


• “Using Zero Trust to Protect Intellectual Property in M&E” with archTIS.

• “How Watermarking is Proven to Protect your Revenue and Fight Piracy” with NAGRA.

• During a networking luncheon, Juliette Kayyem, senior Belfer lecturer in international security at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government and faculty director of the university’s Homeland Security Project and Security and Global Health Project, will deliver the keynote address “Minimizing Risk and Maximizing Resiliency in a Post-COVID World.” She’ll focus on how, amid all of our collective focus on the pandemic, we shouldn’t lose sight of security the security vulnerabilities and hackers who continue to find new ways to get at your personal and corporate information.

• “The Bad Guys Are Everywhere – A Threat Assessment for 2021” will see CDSA’s Atkinson lead a panel on the latest strategies in technological analysis, detection and defense measures to keep your business ahead of the intruders. Nathan Fisher, managing director of StoneTurn, Dan Meacham, VP of global security and corporate operations, and CISO for Legendary Entertainment, and Chris Taylor, director of ME-ISAC and director of content security for Skydance, will be on hand.

• “Deep Dive: Adopting Zero Trust – Where to Start” will see IBM Security’s Hutchison discuss the principles that underlie the zero trust philosophy, how it has evolved to become a top concern for organizations today as well as some specific guidance as to where to start to begin reducing risk.

• A must-attend panel of the day — “Driving the Future of Security in M&E” — has representatives from The Walt Disney Co., Adobe, Legendary, Technicolor and Netflix detail how CDSA is helping content owners and vendors alike find common solutions to common problems, to help build a more secure, global supply chain.

• “A Preventative and Tactical Approach to Fighting Piracy” has Janice Pearson, director of business development for Synamedia, discuss a three-pronged approach to fighting piracy by protecting the service and addressing the root cause of piracy; detecting and stopping credential sharing and fraud abuse; and adopting a tactical approach to piracy disruption and monitoring activities.

• Richey May Technology Solutions’ Hamilton will cover solution on “How to Not Be a Victim of Ransomware in Hollywood”, sharing how M&E businesses get attacked more often than any other industry, and offer tips and tricks on how not to be a victim.

• “Piracy in a Post-Pandemic World” will see Steven Hawley, founder and managing director of Piracy Monitor share a situation analysis of piracy and anti-piracy, the power of community in winning the fight, and a look at trends as we turn the page into the coming year.

• To close the program, CDSA leadership will discuss how the most mission-critical elements of the ecosystem need the “glue” of a strong technology/security community across our industry, in “It’s a Wrap! What’s Next for CDSA’s Community?”

Produced by MESA and presented by IBM Security and Synamedia, the Content Protection Summit is sponsored by Convergent Risks, Richey May Technology Solutions, PacketFabric, archTIS, Code42, INTRUSION, NAGRA, StoneTurn and Vision Media.

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