IBM Security Brings Zero Trust Message to Content Protection Summit

At the Dec. 16 Content Protection Summit event in Los Angeles (Luxe Sunset Boulevard Hotel), Alden Hutchison, partner with IBM Security, will take the stage not once, but twice, to deliver messages about a crucial aspect of today’s media and entertainment security concerns: adopting zero trust.

First on the main stage in a 30-minute session, Hutchison will discuss the principles of a zero trust philosophy, and how it has evolved to become a top concern for organizations today. The presentation — “Deep Dive: Adopting Zero Trust – Where to Start” will offer specific guidance on where to start to begin reducing risk, and how IBM Security has helped hundreds of organizations with any or all parts of their zero trust journey.

Then in a breakout session — “Adopting Zero Trust – What is it, What’s Working and What Isn’t” — Hutchison will share how that while delivering security and protecting content is essential in enabling your organizations to thrive, build brand awareness and establish customer trust, it can only be achieved in highly collaborative, perimeter-less environments with shared ownership and control, almost none of which can be implicitly trusted. A zero trust approach can be an incremental, iterative process to implement controls that verify and enforce security every step of the way. This can help ensure that only the appropriate access to resources is granted to those users and entities that need it and when.

“What I hope to provide the audience is real world tangible use cases to take Zero Trust from buzz word and concept to reality,” Hutchison said. “It is such an overused term currently in security and so many people struggle with ‘Is it a product, is it a framework, where do I buy it, how do I get it?’

“We want to provide some practical guidance on how to get started on your zero trust journey and to keep maturing over time.”

The Content Delivery & Security Association (CDSA) has announced the Content Protection Summit — the premiere gathering of the top security and asset protection minds in the M&E industry — will be held as a hybrid virtual and in-person event.

Produced by MESA and presented by IBM Security and Synamedia, the Content Protection Summit is sponsored by Convergent Risks, Richey May Technology Solutions, PacketFabric, archTIS, Code42, INTRUSION, StoneTurn and Vision Media.

To register for the event, click here. To join CDSA or sponsor the Content Protection Summit, contact Evie Silvers at [email protected] or email [email protected].

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