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From Tech to Consumer, Localisation Topics Abound at 25 Feb. CWMF

The impact of COVID-19, the new workflow technologies available, consumer demand for regionalised content and how the industry has banded together to confront supply chain challenges. All corners of worldwide localization will be covered at the 25 Feb. Content Workflow Management Forum, “M&E’s Premiere Localisation Event.”
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NYT Best-Seller, State Dept. Tech Advisor to Deliver 25 Feb. CWMF Keynote

Alec Ross, the New York Times best-selling author and former senior advisor for technology and innovation at the U.S. State Department, has been announced as the keynote speaker for the 25 Feb. Content Workflow Management Forum, “M&E’s Premiere Localisation Event.”

His keynote — “Industries of the Future: The Technological & Economic Trends That Will Shape the Next 10 Years” — will draw on his book “The Industries of the Future,” and will see him outlining the next significant drivers of change for media and entertainment, from artificial intelligence and robotics, to cybersecurity and cybercrime, Ross describes how the changes in these industries impact the future. Ross will go beyond the technical and provide the geopolitical, cultural, and generational contexts from which innovations are emerging.
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Whip Media to Share Licensing Insights at 25 Feb. Content Workflow Management Event

Trying to decide which content to license, and which to leave in the vault, shouldn’t have to be crapshoot. Thanks to new tools available today, it doesn’t need to be.

At “M&E’s Premiere Localisation Event” — the 25 Feb. Content Workflow Management Forum — industry vet Paul Hastings, SVP of sales for Whip Media, will share how determining which titles yield the greatest return, while also attracting and retaining viewers has, has become less of a headache than ever before.
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Content Workflow Management Forum Returns 25th February

MESA’s fourth annual Content Workflow Management Forum — dubbed “M&E’s Premiere Localisation Event” — will return 25th February, this time as a fully digital event, bringing together the industry’ leading language service providers, content creators, AI and technology companies, and broadcast and OTT executives, all gathered to tackle the latest challenges and share the latest solutions.
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