Breakout Sessions

TRACK 1: Licensing & Distribution
TRACK 2: WFH/Remote
TRACK 3: Language & Metadata
TRACK 4: Localisation

TRACK 1: Licensing & Distribution


14:30 – 15:00
Transforming the Global Content Licensing Ecosystem: Predict What Content to License Through Advanced Insights
It’s no secret, determining what titles yield the greatest return while attracting and retaining viewers has become increasingly complex. With rising content costs and more windows to exploit, meaningful and predictable metrics are becoming more valuable in today’s industry. Being able to maximise and optimise the value of your content within a single platform enables organisations to uncover the best content to target and license. Join this session to discover how predictive performance drives success.
Paul Hastings, Senior Vice President, Global Sales, Whip Media

15:10 – 15:25
The Democratisation of Content
Creating a robust consumer entertainment offering requires extensive experience and resources for Content Licensing, Processing and Distribution. It’s a complex equation, with time-consuming processes and workflows. New challenges can determine whether services thrive, or simply fight to survive. For example, Licensing revenue is increasingly under pressure and material handling costs often make a deal untenable. Plus, Content Preparation Services continue to consolidate as automation knocks out those that have failed to innovate. What’s next in the video supply chain evolution?
Piers Godden, Commercial Director EMEA, Vubiquity/Amdocs Media

15:30 – 15:45
Revolutionising Media Creation and Distribution Using the Science of AI & Machine Learning
Cloud-based AI and machine learning (ML) solutions are continuing to transform and accelerate virtually every aspect of content creation and distribution. As these technologies grow in power and sophistication, they bring new levels of accuracy, efficiency, compliance, and cost savings to broadcast operations. This session will highlight the real-world examples of media enterprises that are transforming every aspect of their workflows, from subtitles creation to the distribution of content, by implementing the use of AI and ML technologies. We will walk you through use cases across the content production and delivery chain and we’ll look at case studies that were deployed for a leading online entertainment company. We’ll also discuss some applications of AI for content delivery, primarily mining insights from content distribution in ways that allow not only for product placement and advertising, but also address some of the compliance issues around explicit content.
Ed Hauber, Director of Business Development, Digital Nirvana
Russell Vijayan, Head A/I Products and Services, Digital Nirvana
Russell Wise, Senior Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Digital Nirvana

TRACK 2: WFH/Remote


14:30 – 14:45
Hollywood Stays Home in 2021
2020 was the Genie that granted many “wishes.” First, you could see your colleagues unshaven, without make up, and yelling at their dogs throughout the day. Second, our computers/machines went from being something we checked email on and worked from and became gateways of all kinds of personal and confidential information. As if that wasn’t enough, 2020 opened our eyes to the fact that how we work is just as important as what we are working on because of the increased risk surrounding that information. At Richey May Technology Solutions we get to work with some of the best studios, post houses, and creatives in the industry and we’ve seen a few trends you should be aware of as you move into 2021. In this lively presentation we’ll explore a trend back to Virtual Desktops in Hollywood and how this old dog has definitely learned some new tricks.
JT Gaietto, Executive Director, Cybersecurity, Richey May Technology Solutions

14:50 – 15:05
Collaboration Tools for Remote Recording: Deluxe One Dub
Voice talent and audio mix are critical to the success of dubbed content distributed to local markets. In a virtual world, it’s imperative to maintain the quality of global voice talent to make sure each project is translated and dubbed to necessary standards. 2021 will be a year of continued innovation with evolving multi-user technology to overcome ongoing, and new, complexities. Learn how to record with loop-groups, collaborate with your sound engineers and stay in-sync all while maintaining high-quality and security with a virtual recording studio, Deluxe One Dub.
Greg Taieb, Vice President, Product Management, Deluxe
Andrew Verkade, Client Services Director, Deluxe

15:10 – 15:25
Developing Security Best Practices for Localisation Talent
This session will explore how to secure this crucial end point of the supply chain. The informative session will socialise the development of Security Best Practices for Localisation, the potential for an affordable registry for Talent operating remotely in the supply chain and how it fits into the existing association and studio security programmes.
Mathew Gilliat-Smith, Executive Vice President, Convergent Risks

TRACK 3: Language & Metadata


14:30 – 14:45
Introduction to the META Localisation Platform
In this session, hear how the Meta Localisation Platform, developed in collaboration with WarnerMedia, centralises subtitling, dubbing, translation, graphics and artwork localisation requirements for WarnerMedia’s catalogue of 250,000+ titles. The platform also plays a key part in the technical and editorial compliance processes and enables a clear audit trail of communication between internal teams and external partners, while eliminating the possibility of task duplication and keeping a centralised record of all global assets. During this demonstration we will learn how this innovative distribution platform has helped to streamline WarnerMedia’s supply chain.
Rob Tucker, Chief Executive Officer, META

14:50 – 15:05
Deciphering the Tower of Babel: Language Metadata Table (LMT)
Language codes are a challenge to the broadcast media and entertainment organisations. Many follow different language code standards, which leads to confusion when sending and receiving metadata values, thus creating a kind of Tower of Babel. The Language Metadata Table was conceived to resolve the lack of a single unified standard for language codes for the broadcast media and entertainment industry. Released in July 2018 by WarnerMedia/HBO, the LMT began with 125 language codes; today there are over 230 language codes, with more on the way. Come hear about where the LMT is now, and where it is headed, as adoption by organisations from content creators to distributors and others increases.
Bruce Devlin, Founder, Mr. MXF and Standards Vice President, SMPTE
Yonah Levenson, Metadata Strategy & Terminology Governance, WarnerMedia

15:10 – 15:25
Zen and the Art of Transactional Efficiency
Everything is a transaction, from “produce a 22-episode season” to “select your subtitle language.” Any effort that does not add value is a waste – the equivalent of friction in a motor that produces heat without generating power. Individual points of transactional friction are multiplied with every derived version of a work that must be produced, delivered, and managed and every time there is a hand-off from one party or system to another, from the original producer to the ultimate consumer. Organisations large and small can gain operational benefit by adopting common identification standards (EIDR, LMT, etc.) that eliminate points of confusion and increase efficiency in both manual and automated transactions.
Richard Kroon, Technical Director, Entertainment Registry Identifier Association (EIDR)

15:30 – 15:45
The Impact of AD in Creating Unique Experiences and Enabling Inclusivity
In this session, our presenter will engage your imagination to explore the experience of blind and low vision audiences and the impact that audio description has on inclusivity. The presentation will touch on how far we have come in providing content accessibility and outline a vision for the future where we “describe everything.”
Rhys Lloyd, General Manager, Descriptive Video Works (Part of Keywords Studios)
Shawn Marsolais, Founder & Executive Director, Blind Beginnings

TRACK 4: Localisation


14:30 – 15:00
Building the Creative Community: Diversity, Equity & Inclusion of Voice Talents
Diversity, equity and inclusion remain vital to the growth of the creative voice talent community. The heightened expectation to closely consider race, ethnicity, sexuality, gender identity and disability is present in the casting process now more than ever. What is the right approach to navigating sensitive topics, targeting diversification, developing voice acting as a viable career path and engaging creators on the cultural significance of their content? Join this session to hear from media localization provider, Iyuno Media Group, on the challenges, opportunities and educational outreach that come with building the creative voice talent community.
Michael Cardinal, Vice President, Global Client Management, Iyuno Media Group
Anders Krogsgaard, Vice President, Dubbing Operations, Iyuno Media Group

15:10 – 15:40
Localisation Perspectives from Downstream
In this insightful panel session we will hear from three innovative companies who will provide a unique viewpoint on how the localisation industry is changing and evolving. Having a local perspective can prove invaluable, while the agility of a smaller organisation can enable more personalised services and foster creativity, and the targeted use of technology can allow these organisations to reach a truly global customer base.
Moderator: David Millar, Business Development Director – Europe, MESA
Mattia Fioravanti, Client Relations Manager, Nexus TV
Bente Ottersen,Chief Executive Officer, Titles-On
Alex Yoffe, Product Manager, OOONA