Content Workflow Management Forum Returns 25th February

MESA’s fourth annual Content Workflow Management Forum — dubbed “M&E’s Premiere Localisation Event” — will return 25th February, this time as a fully digital event, bringing together the industry’ leading language service providers, content creators, AI and technology companies, and broadcast and OTT executives, all gathered to tackle the latest challenges and share the latest solutions.

Both main stage speakers and breakout room vendors will lead attendees through discussions around where the localisation industry stands, in terms of workflow efficiencies, use and development of artificial intelligence and machine learning, cloud-based solutions, views from the consumer perspective, and what the future has in store, considering the explosion in demand for international content.

Building off the success of previous editions of the Content Workflow Management Forum — but with a new theme around challenges faced in today’s remote-work reality — the conference programme will include everything from handling compressed post-production and pre-release deadlines to the latest technologies, systems and processes driving workflow efficiencies. Attendees can also expect:

• The voice of the consumer, and viewer preferences when engaging with localised content
• Responding to the localisation challenges within a rapidly evolving commercial landscape
• Leveraging the full benefits of cloud solutions within localisation
• To what extent is the use of AI and ML transforming localisation and what lies ahead?

For regular program updates, click here. To register for the event, click here. To join MESA Europe or activate a Content Workflow Management Forum sponsorship, contact David Millar at [email protected], Evie Silvers at [email protected], or Garrett Finley at [email protected].

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