From Tech to Consumer, Localisation Topics Abound at 25 Feb. CWMF

The impact of COVID-19, the new workflow technologies available, consumer demand for regionalised content and how the industry has banded together to confront supply chain challenges. All corners of worldwide localization will be covered at the 25 Feb. Content Workflow Management Forum, “M&E’s Premiere Localisation Event.”

Kicking off at 12:45 GMT, the fully digital event brings together the industry’s leading language service providers, content creators, AI and technology companies, and broadcast and OTT executives, discussing localisation industry stands, views from the consumer perspective, and what the future has in store in light of the explosion in demand for international content.

Main stage programming leads off with the day’s keynote presentation by Alec Ross, the New York Times best-selling author and former senior advisor for technology and innovation at the U.S. State Department. His keynote — “Industries of the Future: The Technological & Economic Trends That Will Shape the Next 10 Years” — will draw on his book “The Industries of the Future,” and will outline the next significant drivers of change for media and entertainment, from artificial intelligence and robotics, to cybersecurity and cybercrime.

The panel “Localisation: The New Normal” will see localisation experts from NBCUniversal, University of Westminster and All3Media detail the impact of COVID-19 across the industry, and how remote dubbing and other cloud-based tools been have forever changed localisation services.

Following that, Lottie Towler, senior analyst with Ampere Analysis, will detail the viewer end of the localisation equation, how consumers enjoyment of viewing international content varies across markets and demographics, in the presentation “Analysing Consumer Demand for Localised Content.”

Following multi-track breakout sessions, Katy Murdoch, sustainability project manager for the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA), takes the stage to discuss how the industry is working towards meeting its sustainability targets in the presentation “Sustainability in Media & Entertainment.”

The main stage programme will wrap up with “Chairs of the Localisation Council Talk Plans for 2021,” with representatives from SDI Media, A+E Networks UK, BBC Studios and others sharing their experiences around the unique obstacles emerging from the pandemic for the localisation industry and plans for 2021.

For the mid-event breakout sessions, attendees will be able to choose from four presentation tracks: Licensing and Distribution, Work From Home/Remote, Language and Metadata, and Localisation.


• “Transforming the Global Content Licensing Ecosystem: Predict What Content to License Through Advanced Insights” with Whip Media.

• “The Democratisation of Content” with Vubiquity/Amdocs Media.

• “Revolutionising Media Creation and Distribution Using the Science of AI & Machine Learning” with Digital Nirvana.


• “Hollywood Stays Home in 2021” with Richey May Technology Solutions.

• “Collaboration Tools for Remote Recording: Deluxe One Dub” with Deluxe.

• “Developing Security Best Practices for Localisation Talent” with Convergent Risks and Fortium Technologies.


• “Introduction to the META Localisation Platform” with Meta.

• “Deciphering the Tower of Babel: Language Metadata Table (LMT)” with the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE) and WarnerMedia.

• “Zen and the Art of Transactional Efficiency” with the Entertainment Identifier Registry (EIDR).

• “The Impact of AD in Creating Unique Experiences and Enabling Inclusivity” with Descriptive Video Works (part of Keywords Studios) and Blind Beginnings.


• “Building the Creative Community: Diversity, Equity & Inclusion of Voice Talents” with Iyuno Media Group.

• “Localisation Perspectives from Downstream” with Nexus TV, Titles-On and OOONA.

The Content Workflow Management Forum is produced by MESA, the Audio Business Continuity Alliance, Content Localisation Council, Smart Content Council, and the Hollywood IT Society, with sponsorship by Iyuno Media Group, Richey May Technology Solutions, Whip Media Group Deluxe, Digital Nirvana, Meta, Vubiquity, EIDR, Keywords Studios, Los Angeles Duplication & Broadcasting, Nexus TV, OOONA, Signiant and Titles-On.

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