KEYNOTE: Jeff Gorell, City of Los Angeles Mayor’s Office of Public Safety

The Honorable Jeff Gorell, Deputy Mayor, City of Los Angeles Mayor’s Office of Public Safety

KEYNOTE: Jonathon Morgan, New Knowledge

Jonathon Morgan, Chief Executive Officer, New Knowledge

KEYNOTE: Alex Pickering, BBC Studios

Alex Pickering, Global Content Security Director, BBC Studios

KEYNOTE: Winn Schwartau, The Security Awareness Company

Winn Schwartau, Security, Privacy, Infowar, & Cyber-Terrorism Expert

Eyal Arad, Videocites

Eyal Arad, Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder, Videocites

Daniel Diefendorf, LiveTiles

Daniel Diefendorf, Senior Vice President, Americas, LiveTiles

Guy Finley, MESA

Guy Finley, Executive Director, MESA

Kurt Fischer, Trusted Partner Network (TPN)

Kurt Fischer, Director, Content Security, Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) and Chief Operating Officer, Trusted Partner Network (TPN)

Erick Geisler, G2 Immersive Studios

Erick Geisler, Chief Executive Officer, G2 Immersive Studios

Mathew Gilliat-Smith, Convergent Risks

Mathew Gilliat-Smith, Consultant & Advisor, Convergent Risks

Bob Gold, Bob Gold & Associates

Bob Gold, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Bob Gold & Associates

Tami Holzman, Author

Tami Holzman, Author, "From C-Student to the C-Suite"

Nadya Ichinomiya, Women in Technology: Hollywood

Nadya Ichinomiya, Co-Founder, Women in Technology: Hollywood

Rahim Jina, Edgescan

Rahim Jina, Chief Operating Officer & Co-Founder, Edgescan

Jaclyn Knag, Paramount Pictures

Jaclyn Knag, Executive Director, Content Security, Paramount Pictures

Madeline Mann, Gem

Madeline Mann, Director of People Operations, Gem and Founder, Self Made Millennial YouTube Channel

Diana Means, Alliance of Women Filmmakers/Los Angeles Women’s International Film Festival

Diana Means, President, Alliance of Women Filmmakers and Producer, Los Angeles Women’s International Film Festival

Ian McPherson, Amazon Web Services

Ian McPherson, Senior Partner Development Manager for Media & Entertainment, Amazon Web Services

Alex Nauda, Safestream

Alex Nauda, Chief Technology Officer, SHIFT and Screeners.com

Janice Pearson, Convergent Risks

Janice Pearson, Vice President, Global Content Protection, Convergent Risks

Martin Porter, CDSA

Martin Porter, President, CDSA

Kai Pradel, SHIFT

Kai Pradel, Chief Executive Officer, SHIFT

Keith Ritlop Chair, TPN Technology & Development Advisory Committee

Keith Ritlop Chair, App & Cloud Subcommittee TPN Technology & Development Advisory Committee

Cyril Rickleton-Abdi, CDSA

Cyril Rickleton-Abdi, Co-Chair, CDSA Television Production Working Group

Terence Runge, Illumio

Terence Runge, Head of Security, Illumio

Ben Schofield,

Ben Schofield, App & Cloud Digital Media Consultant

Joel Sloss, Microsoft Azure

Joel Sloss, Senior Program Manager, Microsoft Azure

Rachel Souder-Arguedas, Women in Technology: Hollywood

Rachel Souder-Arguedas, Co-Founder, Women in Technology: Hollywood

Ben Stanbury, Trusted Partner Network and CDSA

Ben Stanbury, Chief Technology Officer, Trusted Partner Network (TPN) and Chairman of the Board, CDSA

Christopher Taylor, M&E ISAC

Christopher Taylor, Director, M&E ISAC

Karen Thorland, MPAA

Karen Thorland, Senior Vice President, Deputy General Counsel, Global Content Protection Legal, MPAA

Harrie Tholen, NAGRA

Harrie Tholen, Vice Preisdent, Sales, NAGRA Anti-Piracy & NexGuard

Katherine Vogt, LinkedIn

Katherine Vogt, HR Business Partner, LinkedIn

David Würgler, NAGRA

Introduction by: David Würgler, Senior Director, Anti-Piracy Litigation, NAGRA

Toshino Yuhaku, Digital Media Executive

Toshino Yuhaku, Digital Media Executive, 20-year veteran of Sony Corporation

Lulu Zezza, CDSA

Lulu Zezza, Co-Chair, CDSA Television Production Working Group

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