(as of November 25, 2020 – subject to change)


9 a.m.: Venue Opens
10 a.m.: General Sessions
11:30 a.m. – 12:45 p.m.: CPS Innovation and Technology Showcases
12:45 p.m.: General Sessions Resume
2 p.m.: Networking Reception

OPENING KEYNOTE: Securing Healthcare’s Digital Front Door
In this exciting keynote, we’ll explore another vibrant business category from a content perspective, healthcare and how they are handling security and strident regulations. Anajali Katali, CEO of Mytonomy, a company that empowers patients to actively care for their health, will share insights on her company which is often referred to as the “OTT for Healthcare”. As one of the nation’s fastest-growing private companies ( 2020 Inc. 5000 list) Mytonomy, is building virtual patient care relationships in a secure environment with micro learning video content. Anajali will share how they are delivering content in a highly regulated environment and how they are facilitating those security requirements through their media studio.
Anjali Kataria, Chief Executive Officer, Mytonomy Inc.

CLOSING KEYNOTE: An Update on the Human Dimension of Security
Our Closing Keynote revisits his talk from last year’s CPS where he explored the human dimension of security. He posited, in the highest reviewed session in the history of CDSA, that no data system is perfect with human behavior presenting the biggest security risk. Coming back to our stage after the emergence of the global pandemic, he’ll review the impact of the crisis and how dealing with insider threats make the human side of your organization more secure. As the former Director of R&D at the NSA and Associate Director on National Intelligence we’ll discuss the evolution of organizational behavior and blind spots in human perception of threats and risks in particular relation to the ongoing crisis.
Eric Haseltine, PhD, Innovation Speaker, Chairman of the Board, US Technology Leadership Council

The Road To the 50th Anniversary of CDSA
CDSA will soon celebrate 50 years as the worldwide forum advocating the innovative and responsible delivery and storage of entertainment, software, and information content. While the importance of consistent and stringent security standards across the industry and globe remain a top priority, the real story for right now is how CSO’s and CTO’s are getting folks back to work with secure onsite, WFH and remote environments. This session will explore the progress that’s been made, lessons learned during the pandemic and what’s coming down the pike for 2021.

Physical Security in a Digital World
Cybersecurity and content protection are imperative but protecting people and physical assets are important too. A big question for studios right now is the fact that the assets and resources to accomplish both these challenges are different and require their own assessments. There is a clear need in the wider industry for a dedicated standard for physical security of productions to be aligned with and synergistic with existing content protection guidelines. In this session, we’ll look at the fundamentals that need to land in our rapidly changing environment as we begin to return back to physical sets in the middle of the pandemic and get ready for the world to open up again in the later part of 2021.
Cody Lassiter, Content Production Manager, Legendary
Pete Maunder, Production Security & Special Events Manager
Bryan Ellenburg, Director of Content Security, ViacomCBS

The Changing Role Of Women In Security
As content protection becomes a more digital challenge and cybersecurity drives digital transformation in the security sector, more opportunities are being created for diverse security workforces*. Technology companies are also focusing on creating gender-diversity in the workplace with the added benefit of having the security industry itself be more representative of the community it serves. And as always, a diversified team means more creative ideas, more innovation, and better adaptability to the rapidly changing. In this session, we’ll hear from female studio technology leadership on what’s it going to take to create and “secure” a more diverse content protection workforce.
Shira Harrison, Vice President, Information Technology, Amblin Partners

Anatomy of a Piracy Event – What Happens, How to Stop It, and What It Could Cost You
A walk through the different sorts of attacks a pirate can launch on your video workflow, what the different mitigation measures at each stage are, and a look at estimates on what the hard or soft costs could be.
Eric Wynalek, Vice President, Strategic Initiatives, SHIFT

Securely Scaling Remote Broadcast-Quality Video Production
Looking for a solution to ensure secure broadcast-quality contribution and distribution from remote locations? Join Zixi’s Eric Bolten for an overview of the Zixi Software-Defined Video Platform (SDVP). The SDVP enables broadcast-quality delivery across any IP network, any protocol, any cloud provider and any edge device, allowing media companies to seamlessly and securely pivot from on-premise production and control rooms to remote virtualized broadcast operations securely and at scale. With Zixi’s SDVP and ZEN Master, the industry’s leading virtual control plane, remote users can maintain business continuity and securely orchestrate, manage and monitor broadcast quality, low latency live video workflows from anywhere in the world.
Eric Bolten, Vice President, Business Development, Zixi

BBC Case Study: The Use of VPN and Proxy Detection to Ensure Territorial Exclusivity for Rightsholders
Join this session to hear how the BBC utilizes VPN and proxy detection to ensure the territorial content exclusivity of their international broadcasters is protected. The territorially-based content licensing model is crucial for content owners. The proliferation of VPNs and DNS proxies undermines this model by enabling users from anywhere in the world to spoof their location in order to illegally access geographically restricted content. VPN and proxy detection is the first line of defense in stopping the continuous erosion of content value caused by geolocation fraud and geo-piracy. In this session, Alastair Campbell will share technical insights and expertise around VPN and proxy detection, while Diane Hamer will contribute the invaluable perspective of an international broadcaster. Please tune in for this insightful discussion!
Alastair Campbell, Commercial and Product Marketing Manager. GeoGuard
Diane Hamer, Head of Business & Legal Affairs, Brand Protection, BBC Studios

Protecting, Detecting, and Enforcing Security Policies From Content Creation to Viewer Experience
How hard is it to find premium, first run VOD assets on so-called locker sites? How many times have you seen live event links shared on your social networks? How many lawyers and MBAs have you heard screaming about precious geo-restrictions being compromised by proxied viewers? Attend this session to learn techniques for protecting, detecting, and enforcing security policies from content creation to the viewer experience.
Mark Barron, Principal Solutions Engineer, Akamai

Pirates of the Coronavirus: The Curse of Work from Home
Along with film production slowing to a crawl, crippling theaters and throwing release schedules into pandemonium, the pandemic has brought still another misfortune to Hollywood: a rise in piracy. Join this dynamic panel to discuss the threat landscape during these unprecedented times and the new era of editing from home. These piracy experts will answer all the question you’ve been asking.
John-Thomas Gaietto, CISSP, Executive Director, Cybersecurity Services, RicheyMay Technology Solutions

Win the Cyberwar with Zero Trust
Zero Trust is revolutionizing network security architecture: it is data-centric and designed to stop data breaches. Zero Trust also adds a layer of agility to modern networks that is impossible to do in traditional network designs. These 21st-century networks have been adopted by government entities and large enterprises around the world. In this session, John will discuss the concept of Zero Trust and explain why Zero Trust is the world’s only true cybersecurity strategy. He will discuss how a Zero Trust Strategy will achieve tactical and operational goals. This session will demonstrate how Zero Trust will not only transform network security but function as a business enabler, by focusing on the business’s grand strategic objectives.
John Kindervag, Field Chief Technology Officer, Palo Alto Networks

Securing Next Generation Content Delivery with Splunk
Media organizations grapple with digital transformation on a daily basis. Traditional modes of content creation and delivery are being upended and there is an increasing reliance upon real-time data to understand viewer interests and shape the content they create. Planning for the data age has become more important than ever before, and ensuring appropriate security, never a simple task, is more challenging than ever before. This session will introduce Splunk’s Data to Everything platform and provide an overview of how media organizations of all sizes are leveraging Splunk to secure their operations, data, content, and more. It will also highlight some of the ways that Splunk has helped media customers cope with the additional challenges presented by COVID-19 and the rapid shift to remote work, which, among other things, increased the risk for potential incidents, compromised systems, or both. You’ll also gain insights into areas where you can take action and immediately improve your organization’s security posture and data maturity.
Andrew Keating, Director, Industry Marketing, Splunk
Beverly Smart, Industry Marketing, Communications, Media & Technology, Splunk

Blocking the Pirate in the Room – Subscribers Aren’t the Only Ones Anxiously Awaiting New Releases
Entertainment companies beware! Ever wonder who else is waiting for your exclusive first-run releases as they premiere at home via broadcast and streaming? Hint, it’s not just your subscriber base. According to recent data, the coronavirus pandemic brings a woe to the entertainment industry – a rise in piracy of valuable first-run content as audiences continue to get their entertainment fix from the safety of their homes. From live sports, first-run movies and film festivals to Broadway theatricals and live music concerts, Friend MTS’ Brad Parobek will stress the urgent need to work together to protect this highly-coveted exclusive content from large-scale theft in an important industry effort to safeguard jobs and revenue.
Brad Parobek, Senior Vice President Sales Americas, Friend MTS

A Different Approach to Secure Remote Working
Many of the existing security controls for remote working are out of date, making it hard to interpret what measures should or should not be used. The newswire reports of scams, hacks and data breaches are increasing by the day and we owe it to the community to provide better guidance.
Mathew Gilliat-Smith, Executive Vice President, Convergent Risks
Chris Johnson, President and CEO, Convergent Risks

Connectivity, The Cloud and The Creative Process
As a changing M&E has workflows and tools moving into the cloud like never before, the ecosystem’s networks and cloud pathways have become a vital element in the discussion. Creatives who were once more resistant to change are now adapting, yet still definitive in what they expect from their connections. In a new white paper, those needs are explored in an effort to fill in this important missing piece, and take the industry from a developing transition to a cloud revolution.
Lisa Gerber, Head of Media & Entertainment, PacketFabric

Content is for EVERYONE: Why you Should and Must Think About People with Disabilities and the ADA
Mark Lasser will lead a discussion on ADA compliance for websites for entertainment companies and challenges and ideals going forward. Mark Lasser (CPACC) joined Deque in 2019 and previously worked as a Senior Accessibility Specialist for Starbucks and as a Senior Director of Accessibility at Charter Communications. Mark graduated the Sanford Institute for Public Policy at Duke University and holds an MBA and an MS from the University of Colorado.
Mark Lasser, Senior Accessibility Consultant, Deque