KEYNOTE: Eric Haseltine, US Technology Leadership Council

Eric Haseltine,
PhD, Innovation Speaker, and
Chairman of the Board,
US Technology Leadership Council

Eric Haseltine is the Chairman of the Board of the US Technology Leadership Council,
a government/industry group whose goal is to accelerate innovation in the Defense and
Intelligence sectors. A futurist, author, and consultant, Haseltine has over 70 patents
and patent applications—most in the last 5 years—in AI, Augmented Reality, Virtual
Reality, Optics, and Security.

Eric was the Associate Director of National Intelligence in the George W. Bush
administration and Associate Director at NSA in charge of Research and development.
Prior to joining the government, Dr. Haseltine was Executive Vice President of Walt
Disney Imagineering, where he ran R&D for the entire Walt Disney Company.

Dr. Haseltine began writing in 1997 with a popular monthly column on the brain in
Discover Magazine, and currently writes about Neuroscience for Psychology Today. His
blogs and videos on neuroscience and innovation have garnered over 4 million views.
His books include Long Fuse Big Bang, Brain Safari and The Spy in Moscow Station.
With his wife, Chris Gilbert MD Ph.D., he wrote The Listening Cure: healing secrets of
an unconventional doctor.

Eric earned a BA from US Berkeley in Economics, a Ph.D. in Physiological Psychology
from Indiana University and completed post-doctoral training in Neuroanatomy at
Vanderbilt Medical School. He is also an alumnus of UCLA’s Anderson School of