Microsoft, Content Players Highlight Dec. 8 Content Protection Summit Program

Keynotes from the CEO of Mytonomy and the chairman of the U.S. Technology Leadership Council, presentations on storytelling and content protection from Microsoft, presenters from Legendary, Amblin and Discovery, and anti-piracy and other insights from 15-plus Hollywood vendors.

Those are among the many program highlights of the Dec. 8 virtual Content Protection Summit where experts on crucial remote working M&E security topics surrounding protecting against insider threats, standards for remote access, the importance of security assessments, and more will be on hand.

Following opening and welcoming remarks at 9:45 a.m. PT, the opening keynote — “Securing Healthcare’s Digital Front Door” — will be delivered by Anjali Kataria, CEO of Mytonomy, covering how her company is delivering content in a highly regulated environment and facilitating those security requirements through their media studio.

She’ll be followed by the panel “Physical Security in a Digital World,” featuring the content protection manager of Legendary and production security and special events manager Pete Maunder, as they discuss what it will take to return back to physical production sets in the middle of the pandemic, and for the industry to get ready for the world to open up again in 2021.

In the “The 5 Ps of Microsoft’s Storytelling,” Steve Clayton, chief storyteller and GM of Microsoft’s innovation, culture and stories team, will share how Microsoft’s strategy around engagement across all of its products, platforms and business offerings relies on two pillars — Innovation and culture — and five Ps: People, Place, Pictures, Personal and Platform.

From 11:45 a.m. to 1 p.m., conference attendees will be able to choose from 15-plus breakout sessions, before returning to the main stage for “Exclusive Preview of Security Architecture 2030 Vision” with Spencer Stephens, lead technologist, production security for MovieLabs, offering a look at new security architecture to be published in early 2021 designed to help the industry achieve new security goals.

The closing keynote of the day — “An Update on the Human Dimension of Security” — will feature Dr. Eric Haseltine, an innovation speaker and chairman of the board of the U.S. Technology Leadership Council, will review the impact of the crisis on security and how dealing with insider threats make the human side of your organization more secure.

He’ll be followed by the final panel of the day, “The Changing Role Of Women In Security,” featuring panelists from Amblin Partners and Discovery.

For the mid-event breakout sessions, attendees will be able to choose from five presentation tracks: Identifiers, Policy & Zero Trust; Anti-Piracy, Pirates & Aaaargh!; Scale & Remote Access; Rights, Data & Education; and DLP, Accessibility & Framework.


• “Global ID for the Global Media Industry” with Microsoft Azure and MovieLabs.
• “Protecting, Detecting, and Enforcing Security Policies From Content Creation to Viewer Experience” with Akamai.
• “Win the Cyberwar with Zero Trust” with Palo Alto Networks.


• “Anti-Piracy Now and Later” with SHIFT, MUSO and EZDRM.
• “Blocking the Pirate in the Room – Subscribers Aren’t the Only Ones Anxiously Awaiting New Releases” with Friend MTS.
• “Pirates of the Coronavirus: The Curse of Work from Home” with Richey May Technology Solutions.


• “Media Management in a Streaming World” with Genpact.
• “Securely Scaling Remote Broadcast-Quality Video Production” with Zixi.
• “A Different Approach to Secure Remote Working” with Convergent Risks.


• “BBC Case Study: The Use of VPN and Proxy Detection to Ensure Territorial Exclusivity for Rightsholders” with GeoGuard and BBC Studios.
• “Securing Next Generation Content Delivery with Splunk” with Splunk.
• “Learn More with Xcapism Learning” with Xcapism Learning.
• “Connectivity, The Cloud and The Creative Process” with PacketFabric.


• “Content is for EVERYONE: Accessibility and the ADA” with Deque.
• “Protecting Sensitive Data with Context and Perfect Recall” with Cyberhaven.
• “Top 50 Categories for CDSA’s App & Cloud Control Framework Update” with CDSA’s Technology Committee.