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Event Schedule (GMT):

12:30 : Venue Opens
12:45 : Welcome/Opening Remarks
13:00 : Keynote & General Sessions
14:20 : Networking Break
14:30 : Breakout Sessions
15:45 : Networking Break
16:00 : General Sessions Continue
17:00 : Closing Remarks/Networking Reception
18:00 : Venue Closes

Beyond Threat Actors, Deepfake Voices and Vishing: Where Are Our New Vulnerabilities?
The 2020 global “work-from-anywhere” inflection point was a field day for threat actors, who took advantage of fungible environments plauged by existing security shortcuts, organisational confusion and worker distraction. Launching social engineering attacks became a pastime. Voice phishing rocked Twitter in July 2020 when hackers posed as IT staff, and has subsequently been used to target dozens of companies, including banks, cryptocurrency exchanges and web hosting firms. These trends clearly show we face an ever more sophisticated and divergent worldwide enemy. Our panel will unpack an evolving hybrid business environment, where credential verification or vetting sensitive information may require a simultaneously physical and virtual strategy.

Demand = Piracy
Our industry accepts piracy as an inevitability, recognising the potential for billions of dollars lost globally. Major worldwide “event” properties – those that drive demand through engagement across all platforms including gaming and social media – are now commonplace. (We see you, Fortnite and TikTok.) From writer to showrunner to post to audience, many are still under-educated and often misled as to the long-term effects piracy and content theft has on future content creation. This session offers an inside look at the opportunities and challenges, from an IP creator and developer perspective, of turning the casual pirate, or an uninformed consumer, into a paying customer.

Physical Security in a Digital World
Cybersecurity and content protection are imperative, but protecting people and physical assets are important too. A big question for studios right now is the fact that the assets and resources to accomplish both these challenges are different and require their own assessments. There is a clear need in the wider industry for a dedicated standard for physical security of productions to be aligned with and synergetic to existing content protection guidelines. In this session, we will look at the fundamentals that need to land in our rapidly changing environment as we begin to return back to physical sets in the middle of the pandemic and get ready for the world to open up again in the latter part of 2021.

Ensuring Security in Global Cloud Environments
Content owners and distributors in every region of the globe benefit from more efficient cloud workflows. Vendors and service partners likewise benefit from streamlined and increasingly sophisticated cloud technology. As a result, we are all facing common security challenges. There is an increasing emphasis on migrating workflows to the cloud – as a result more applications are running in these cloud environments. What lessons have been learned to date and where and how can these learnings benefit organisations across the industry? As more of our data becomes “non-native” how are security components keeping pace? Or are they?

Security Architecture: An Updated Vision of 2030
The last time our worldwide community gathered to discuss the future of mobile and cybersecurity, we thought we knew what tomorrow would be like. Then Covid-19 and circumstances beyond our imagination ensued. So where does that leave us now? How have our pre-pandemic skills sets and knowledge base been disrupted? Who is bringing new solutions to solve these new, unforeseen challenges? In this session we will spotlight the key innovations resulting from a year of enormous stress on the system – and identify the biggest challenges that lie ahead.

Piracy in a Post-Pandemic World – The Blades Cut Deep
Pre-pandemic, the numbers were already chilling: streaming piracy in the U.S. alone resulted in losses of $29.2 billion, 230,000 to 560,000 jobs, and $47.5 billion in reduced GDP. With consumers now savvy regarding lockdowns and logistics, and platform after platform arriving on the scene, piracy has become more pervasive than ever before. Q121 research reveals nearly one billion visits to piracy sites in the quarter, an enormous 60% increase from January 1st. Even the U.S. Government has sounded the alarm, indicated by the passage of the Protecting Lawful Streaming Act (PLSA), included in a omnibus pandemic relief bill. Halfway through the year, what battles have we lost (and what have we learned) – and how will we prevail in the piracy wars of tomorrow?

The Bad Guys Are Everywhere – A Threat Assessment for 2021
Midsummer 2021 is not exactly a dream for those responsible for identifying (and stopping) threat actors. We find ourselves at a difficult crossroads: businesses are mandated to manage the evolving risks and rewards of a hybrid work environment. For malicious and increasingly sophisticated digital criminals, this new and liquid dynamic fuels their search for vulnerabilities at hyperdrive speed. From common compromise vectors to new and frightening hacks at the uppermost levels of our infrastructure, digital aggressors are always finding new methodologies with which to escape IT notice and exploit emerging weaknesses. Our selection of experts share the latest strategies in technological defense measures.

New Tools & Rules for Creating Content in the Cloud
By now the M&E space has had close to a year and a half to devise workflows and inovative tools required for today’s content creation paradigm. With global production building cloud-based studio space as never before, the most mission-critical elements of the ecosystem have never been more exposed. The protection of cloud pathways has become a topline item of strategic planning. The entire creative food-chain may now be housed in a hybrid environment, but are we meeting expectations for all stakeholders? What new platforms, systems and practices will ensure the stregthening of this new workflow? This selection of presentations addresses a world that has evolved from emergency measures to the reality of S.O.P. cloud creation and connectivity.