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Event Schedule (BST):

13:00 : Venue Opens
13:30 : Welcome/Opening Remarks
13:45 : Keynote & General Sessions
15:50 : Networking Break
16:05 : Breakout Sessions
17:15 : Networking Break
17:30 : General Sessions Continue
18:30 : Closing Remarks/Networking Reception
19:00 : Venue Closes

Conference Sessions:


13:30 – 13:40
Opening Remarks
Guy Finley, President, CDSA & MESA

13:40 – 13:45
Welcome Remarks
Chris Johnson, Chief Executive Officer & President, Convergent Risks

13:45 – 14:15
OPENING KEYNOTE: How Do You Survive in a Social Media World of Hackers, Terrorists and Authoritarians?
The 2020 global “work-from-anywhere” inflection point was a field day for threat actors, who took advantage of fungible environments plagued by existing security shortcuts, organisational confusion and worker distraction. It was also a time when launching social engineering attacks became a pastime. By examining a range of social media platforms and the nefarious actors using them, our Opening Keynote speaker illuminates how exactly social media is being used against them. He explains how to engage with hackers, terrorists and even foreign nations to learn the best ways for audiences to survive and thrive in a hyperconnected social media world. These trends clearly show we face an ever more sophisticated and divergent worldwide enemy, and our opening session will unpack an evolving hybrid business environment, where credential verification or vetting sensitive information may require a simultaneously physical and virtual strategy.
Clint Watts, Senior Fellow, Foreign Policy Research Institute, and National Security Contributor, NBC News

14:15 – 14:30
What Keeps Us Awake at Night: The Challenge of Remote Work in Creative M&E Workflows
As the creative industry embraces remote working, perhaps on a permanent basis for some, real world threats have emerged across all sectors that often result in the theft and espionage of data and IP including high value premium M&E content. This discussion provides a unique perspective and food for thought from a leading academic about the unknown risks and commercial implications of remote environments.
Dr. Andrew Blyth, Computer Forensics Specialist, Oxford University Lecturer, Professor/Director of Information Security Research Group and Computer Forensics, The University of South Wales
Interviewed by: Mathew Gilliat-Smith, Executive Vice President, Convergent Risks

14:30 – 15:00
The Evolution of Security in Media & Entertainment
The industry’s leading security association and technology community have a lot to discuss as we emerge into the post-COVID reality of content creation and distribution. It is critical to work together on the future of our industry by applying effective risk management to our ecosystem partners around the world. As we continue to embrace cloud and software as effective means to scale production, the manner in which we assess, and address security needs to evolve at the same rate. Aligned with the Media & Entertainment industry’s Trusted Partner Network, CDSA’s App & Cloud Assessment Program and Media & Entertainment Information Sharing & Analysis Center, are designed to complement each other in an effective way to allow our industry to optimise for scale whilst not compromising our security efforts.
Richard Atkinson, Executive Board Member & Treasurer, CDSA
Guy Finley, President, CDSA
James Maysonet, Project Director, CDSA
Ben Stanbury, Head of Technolgy, Amazon Studios and Chairman, CDSA
Chris Taylor, Director, Information Security, Skydance, and Director, ME-ISAC

15:00 – 15:30
CDSA’s App & Cloud Control Framework
During the darkest depths of COVID, a group of 20 companies have worked together to formulate a unique approach to addressing application and cloud security in Media & Entertainment. Launching formally at CPS Europe, the CDSA App & Cloud control framework extends our assessment community into the software driven cloud domain with a goal of reduced audit costs and increased consistency in assessments across the future ecosystems of our industry. You’ll hear from the Chairs of the CDSA Technology Committee and from the technical director leading the effort across multiple workstreams and areas of risk management.
Todd Burke, Principal Solutions Engineer, Adobe
Micah Littleton, Vice President, Global Content Security, Technicolor
Ben Schofield, Project Manager, CDSA
Joel Sloss, Senior Program Manager, Microsoft Azure, and Board Member, CDSA

15:30 – 15:50
Minimizing Risk in Global Consumer Products, Copyright and Licensing
As the M&E industry leverages the strength of a global consumer, licensed products provide an avenue to delight fans around the world by extending our screen IP into retail outlets. This session discusses securing these pre-release assets to ensure we don’t diminish sensitive plot points, or the ROI on keeping these fundamental marketing elements appropriately timed for maximum engagement and spend. This session looks at the work going on behind the scenes in M&E to drive best practices across the CPG supply chain.
Cyril Abdi, Manager, Sensitive Information Protection, The Walt Disney Company
Henrik Skov, Confidentiality Officer, The LEGO Group, and Board Member, CDSA
Eugene Tang, Senior Manager of Policy and Governance, Amazon Studios

15:50 – 15:55
Introduction to Breakout Sessions
Guy Finley, President, CDSA & MESA
Caroline Baines, Member Services Director – Europe, MESA
David Millar, Business Development Director – Euope, MESA
Evie Silvers, Business Development Director, MESA

15:55 – 16:05

16:05 – 17:15
Industry experts share innovative ideas, processes, or perspectives in an interactive and intimate way with the audience who are free to choose which topic/area they find most interesting.

17:15 – 17:30

17:30 – 17:45
Ensuring Security in Global Cloud Environments
Content owners and distributors in every region of the globe benefit from more efficient cloud workflows. Vendors and service partners likewise benefit from streamlined and increasingly sophisticated cloud technology. As a result, we are all facing common security challenges. There is an increasing emphasis on migrating workflows to the cloud – as a result more applications are running in these cloud environments. What lessons have been learned to date and where and how can these learnings benefit organisations across the industry? As more of our data becomes “non-native” how are security components keeping pace? Or are they?
Ed Covert, Director, Technical Security Testing, WarnerMedia

17:45 – 18:00
Demand = Piracy
Our industry accepts piracy as an inevitability, recognising the potential for billions of dollars lost globally. Major worldwide “event” properties – those that drive demand through engagement across all platforms including gaming and social media – are now commonplace. (We see you, Fortnite and TikTok). From writer to showrunner to post to audience, many are still under-educated and often misled as to the long-term effects piracy and content theft has on future content creation. This session offers an inside look at the opportunities and challenges, from an IP creator and developer perspective, of turning the casual pirate, or an uninformed consumer, into a paying customer.
Steven Hawley, Founder & Managing Director, Piracy Monitor

18:00 – 18:30
CLOSING CONVERSATION: A Global Perspective of Shared Challenges…and Solutions
In every region around the world, data and risk are inextricably linked. Both are platform and user agnostic, but as the data informs the risk insidiously seeks out weaknesses. No “one size fits all” risk mitigation strategy currently exists, whether in the EU, the US or elsewhere. We now also face a new wave of return-to-office issues, another challenge on top of ensuring vendor partners meet the required security standards. In the absence of consistency throughout multi-regional enterprises, data theft and pirating has flourished. In every global location there are consumers unaware they are purchasing content which has been illegally obtained. How does the industry stand against all these threats? What new advances in technologies including DRM, watermarking, geolocation and geo-blocking can be deployed? How can we establish a holistic approach which crosses all borders? This thought-leading session will inform and discuss how our industry moves forward.
Moderator: Caroline Baines, Client Services Director, MESA
Lee Kent, Content Protection Manager, beIN MEDIA GROUP
Chris Vinall, Senior Manager, TV Security, BT GROUP PLC

Closing Remarks/Networking Reception
Guy Finley, President, CDSA & MESA

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