KEYNOTE : Clint Watts, Foreign Policy Research Institute & NBC News

Clint Watts, Senior Fellow, Foreign Policy Research Institute and NBC News National Security Contributor

Cyril Abdi, The Walt Disney Company

Cyril Abdi, Manager, Sensitive Information Protection, The Walt Disney Company

Orly Amsalem, Synamedia

Orly Amsalem, Product Manager Video Security, Synamedia

Richard Atkinson, CDSA

Richard Atkinson, Vice President & Treasurer, CDSA

Caroline Baines, MESA

Caroline Baines, Client Services Director, MESA

Dr. Andrew Blyth, University of South Wales

Dr. Andrew Blyth, Computer Forensics Specialist, Oxford University Lecturer, Professor/Director of Information Security Research Group and Computer Forensics, The University of South Wales

Simon Brydon, Synamedia

Simon Brydon, Senior Director, Sports Rights Anti-Piracy, Synamedia

Todd Burke, Adobe

Todd Burke, Principal Solutions Engineer, Adobe

LJ Connolly, Lionsgate, and Board Member, CDSA

LJ Connolly, Vice President, Global Security, Lionsgate, and Board Member, CDSA

Edwin Covert, WarnerMedia

Edwin Covert, Director, Technical Security Testing, WarnerMedia

Gabe Elton, BuyDRM

Gabe Elton, Director of Sales, BuyDRM

Brian Epperson, WarnerMedia, and Board Member, CDSA

Brian Epperson, Director, Content Protection & Security, WarnerMedia, and Board Member, CDSA

Guy Finley, CDSA & MESA

Guy Finley, President, CDSA & MESA

JT Gaietto, Richey May Technology Solutions

JT Gaietto, Executive Director, Cybersecurity, Richey May Technology Solutions

Mathew Gilliat-Smith, Convergent Risks

Mathew Gilliat-Smith, Executive Vice President, Convergent Risks

Mark Griffiths, Microft Solutions

Mark Griffiths, Director, Microft Solutions

Simon Hanna, Friend MTS

Simon Hanna, Simon Hanna, Regional Vice President, EMEA, Friend MTS

Steven Hawley, Piracy Monitor

Steven Hawley, Founder & Managing Director, Piracy Monitor

Chris Johnson, Convergent Risks

Chris Johnson CEO and President of Convergent Risks

Lee Kent, beIN.com

Lee Kent, Content Protection Manager, beIN MEDIA GROUP

Jaclyn Knag, Paramount Pictures, and Board Member, CDSA

Jaclyn Knag, Executive Director, Content Security, Paramount Pictures, and Board Member, CDSA

Matt Lane, X Cyber Group

Matt Lane, Director and Co-Founder, X Cyber Group

Christopher Levy, BuyDRM

Christopher Levy, Chief Executive Officer & Founder, BuyDRM

Micah Littleton, Technicolor

Micah Littleton, Vice President, Global Content Security, Technicolor

Matt Lody, Convergent Risks

Matt Lody, Chief Technology Officer, Convergent Risks

Arnel Manalo, CISSP, Richey May

Arnel Manalo, CISSP, Director of Cybersecurity, Richey May

James Maysonet, CDSA

James Maysonet, Project Director, CDSA

Dan Meacham, Legendary Pictures, and Board Member, CDSA

Dan Meacham, Chief Information Security Officer, Legendary Pictures, and Board Member, CDSA

Meera Mehta, Xcapism Learning

Meera Mehta, Chief Executive Officer, Xcapism Learning

David Millar, MESA

David Millar, Business Development Director - Europe, MESA

Ricky Ng, CBS, and Board Member, CDSA

Ricky Ng, Vice President, Information Security, CBS, and Board Member, CDSA

Filip Paun, Netflix, and Board Member, CDSA

Filip Paun, Senior Security Engineer, Netflix, and Board Member, CDSA

Ben Schofield, CDSA

Ben Schofield, Project Manager, CDSA

Evie Silvers, MESA

Evie Silvers, Business Development Director, MESA

Henrik Skov, The LEGO Group

Henrik Skov, Confidentiality Officer, The LEGO Group, and Board Member, CDSA

Joel Sloss, CDSA, Microsoft

Joel Sloss, Senior Program Manager, Microsoft Azure, and Board Member, CDSA

Ben Stanbury, Amazon Studios

Ben Stanbury, Head of Technology, Amazon Studios, and Chairman, CDSA

Eugene Tang, Amazon Studios

Eugene Tang, Senior Manager of Policy and Governance, Amazon Studios

Chris Taylor, Skydance

Chris Taylor, Director, Information Security, Skydance, and Director, ME-ISAC

Chris Vinall, BT GROUP PLC

Chris Vinall, Senior Manager, TV Security, BT GROUP PLC

Mike Wilkinson, NBCUniversal, and Board Member, CDSA

Mike Wilkinson, Vice President, Intellectual Property Security & Technology, NBCUniversal, and Board Member, CDSA

David Wurgler, NAGRA

David Wurgler, Senior Director Business Development & Anti-Piracy, NAGRA

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