Matt Lane, X Cyber Group

Matt Lane,
Director and Co-Founder,
X Cyber Group

Matt Lane is one of the Directors and co-founders of X Cyber Group (XCyber®), who solve problems with state-grade intelligence expertise, across the core themes of digital trust, safety, and security. Having previously spent over 11 years advising UK and Foreign Government entities on their covert cyber requirements, Matt remains particularly knowledgeable on the intersection of the human and cyber experience, including the potential risks and rewards of transitioning the digital domain effectively. Matt is particularly well-versed in open-source intelligence gathering and research (‘OSINT’) and unconventional cyber operations and has also spent several years conducting computer forensics work. An analyst by trade and mindset, Matt has pioneered many innovative investigative techniques over the years and has found solutions to a wide variety of complex, enduring, intractable, and typically multi-jurisdictional digital issues faced by individuals and businesses alike. He particularly advocates the use of a ‘whole of system’ approach when examining and responding to these challenges and opportunities -identifying and instructing relevant resources to manage complexity effectively and efficiently.

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