(as of June 15, 2021, subject to change)


9:00 a.m.: Venue Opens
10:00 a.m.: Welcome/Opening Remarks
10:15 a.m.: Opening Keynote/General Sessions Begin
12 p.m.: Networking Break
12:15 p.m.: Breakout Sessions
1:30 p.m.: Networking Break
1:45 p.m.: General Sessions Resume
3 p.m.: Closing Remarks/Networking Reception



OPENING KEYNOTE: Technology & Media Outlook 2021
Between 2020 and 2024, technology and media companies will add over $374B in revenue growth dollars. It’s going to be an exciting couple of years! The entire growth curve for consumer time spent with technology and media has shifted upwards and will be sustained at a higher level than ever before, opening up new opportunities. During this fireside chat, our Opening Keynote speaker will give his perspective on how to win in this consumer and technology-driven economy.
Michael Wolf, Media Tech Evangelist, President, Activate Consulting, former Head, McKinsey’s Entertainment Practice
Interviewed by: Claudio Ludovisi, Assistant Dean, Marketing & Strategy, Pepperdine Graziadio Business School

Streaming Wars and the Global Connected Consumer
The transformation from tickets in local box offices to subscribers on global streaming platforms is genuinely incredible and exponentially impacted by COVID-19. As the world locked down, our industry awakened to the opportunities in end-to-end efficiencies throughout our distribution supply chains. But, with the increase in volume and the demands of international scale, there is a growing expectation from every link in the chain to “connect dots” by implementing a data-driven strategy for visibility and cross-border scale. As data and processes become more efficient, more reliable, and transparent, our supply chains begin to inform us and the content being delivered through it. These experts will provide insight into how we can work more effectively while emerging from the crisis and impact our industry’s streaming (and box office!) future.
Superna Kalle, Executive Vice President, International Digital Networks, Starz

Mining for Gold with Diversity Data
How does an M&E company make its best intentions real? The case for change is top of mind for businesses, employees, and consumers. The conflicting projections are mind-bending: in one gender-based example. At the same time, the U.S. may gain $12T (as in trillion) in GDP by 2025 by significantly narrowing the gender gap, by 2030, as many as 160 million women may face career changes brought on by automation. Cultural, ethnic, and societal points of impact are no less disruptive, and the global pandemic has only elevated of their importance in the workplace. Both business leaders and their employees must understand, embrace and drive forward the connectivity between diverse representation and advancing business success. Our panel dives deep into how this understanding can be reinforced via new evolutions in data strategy and analysis.
Simon Adams, Chief Product Officer, Gracenote
Maryl Curran Widdows, Vice President, Product – Inclusion Analytics at Nielsen, Gracenote

Productions Go Virtual: A New Evolution of Content Creation
We’re way past clunky consoles and game cartridges now: today’s newest gaming experiences are next-level innovations in content creation and delivery. With the major gaming studios located in Los Angeles creating incredible content, matched by the R&D taking place in Silicon Valley, new formats for creating worlds and universes are revealed with regularity to an ever-growing creative base. With the advent of virtualization, we can also be anywhere, at any time and at almost any budget. This visionary session will take you into their (authentic) world of virtual content production and distribution.
Derick Stace-Naughton, Senior Vice President, Strategy and Business Operations, Quixote Studios

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) and Blockchain Enablers
The promise of Blockchain has a new companion: the Non-Fungible Token (NFT). But, much like the technology behind Blockchain, NFTs are a(nother) misunderstood companion to currency and ledgers. Add to that the hype and money driving early NFT sales and you’re not alone in thinking, “What does this have to do with me or my company?!” The answer, of course, is EVERYTHING. This session looks at demystifying NFTs and diving deeper into the connection between blockchain, NFTs and commerce, along with the various applications and use cases for both. Industry leaders will share their vision of the future where these individual ledgers become interconnected and unchangeable, ultimately allowing our complex network of systems to trust, verify and deliver assets, regardless of claims being made in the physical world.

360-Degrees of Customer Awareness: Innovations in Data Management and Analytics
The year 2021 began under unforeseen circumstances never imagined before. For worldwide leaders in the data space, the year 2021 means making choices that will define the arc of their businesses for the remainder of the decade. The cutting-edge issues and trends will get a thorough unpacking in this discussion. Our panel will touch on topics ranging from AI and machine learning evolution to augmented data management to the vital matter of data governance. The ones and zeroes have never been more important; this session welcomes industry leaders who must manage the entire data matrix today and in the future.

Ad Targeting in a New “No Cookies” World
For advertisers working in a constantly changing digital universe, the loss of third-party cookies represents a major inflection point. Once a universally accepted practice by both brands and consumers, targeting via cookies is coming to an end. The finality of this moment is underscored by the major publishing players pushing further away from the existing model. As always, change equals opportunity. How will global marketing leaders and advertising houses cope with the transition? How can a marketplace system based on private information be redefined via new “first-party-only data” systems? And, mission-critical, how will new geographic regulations like the GDPR impact this evolution? Our expert panel provides a prognosis of what’s to come and how savvy and proactive advertisers must separate from the pack.
Tracie Kambies, Global Analytics Leader, Merkle

When “Live” Means In-Person Again: The Welcome Return of Terrestrial Events
In March 2021, a major event industry firm gathered data indicating 78% of “traditional event attendees” plan to return to face-to-face events. Event hosts and exhibitors from all industry economies are loving those numbers. But will we get there? And if we do, what are the issues and challenges we will face, whether throwing the party or arriving as a guest? With the global pandemic still in a constant state of turbulence, will those numbers above even hold up? Nowhere is the impact of these questions felt more deeply than in the M&E space. In addition to movie theaters, entire creative communities, content companies, and long-established employee bases have been in crisis for over a year – but from that chaos also comes a chance to reenter the marketplace in new ways. Engaging live, in-person audiences while creating an atmosphere of safety is one matter our esteemed panelists will discuss in this forward-facing conversation.

CLOSING KEYNOTE: Understanding Human Bias in Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Artificial Intelligence (AI) enables computers to imitate human behavior, analysis, and decision-making. Machine learning (ML), a subset of AI, involves systems that learn from data without relying on human intervention. AI systems learn and make decisions based on training data, which may contain skewed human decisions or represent historical or social inequities. This session looks at ways bias can infiltrate both AI and ML within algorithms, even if variables such as gender, ethnicity, or sexual identity are excluded, making it more difficult to detect and reengineer. We’ll learn from experts on the discovery, impact, and solutions for overcoming this critical coding challenge and how to reduce results that are systemically prejudiced due to erroneous assumptions in the ML process.