Kip Welch, EIDR

Kip Welch,
Executive Director,

Business and legal professional with more than twenty years in the tech industry leading initiatives and deals around software, hardware, games, and content. Includes ten years as business development and outreach lead for MovieLabs, an industry consortium focused on the interface between Silicon Valley and Hollywood. Work includes evaluating new companies and technologies, analyzing technology trends, structuring and leading industry initiatives, advising on investment and development projects, economic modeling, and outreach to labs, universities, entrepreneurs, and venture investors. A primary founder of the Entertainment ID Registry, a MovieLabs-sponsored industry consortium that launched the first UPC-like code for digital distribution of movies and TV. Serves as EIDR President, Chairman and evangelist, responsible for building a broad coalition of companies to fund and adopt the open EIDR ID service to enable automation of media workflows.