Caroline Baines, MESA

Caroline Baines, Member Services Director, MESA

Rick Capstraw, Signiant

Rick Capstraw, Chief Growth Officer, Signiant

Hollie Choi, EIDR

Hollie Choi, Executive Director, EIDR

Diego Dugatkin, Box

Diego Dugatkin, Chief Product Officer, Box

Chris Evans, Futuresource Consulting

Chris Evans, Senior Market Analyst, Futuresource Consulting

Guy Finley, MESA

Guy Finley, President, MESA

Mathew Gilliat‑Smith, Convergent Risks

Mathew Gilliat‑Smith, Executive Vice President, Convergent Risks

Paul Hastings, Whip Media

Paul Hastings, Senior Vice President, Global Sales, Whip Media

Chris Johnson​, Convergent Risks

Chris Johnson​, Chief Executive Officer & President, Convergent Risks

ADVISOR: Richard Atkinson, CDSA

Richard Atkinson, President, CDSA

ADVISOR: Lisa Griffin, MEDCA

Lisa Griffin, Executive Director, MEDCA

ADVISOR: Shira Harrison, CDSA

Shira Harrison, Vice President, Information Technology, Amblin Entertainment

ADVISOR: Nadya Ichinomiya, WiTH

Nadya Ichinomiya, WiTH Foundation Chair and Executive Director, Head of Agile Center of Excellence, Sony Pictures Entertainment

ADVISOR: Richard Kroon, EIDR

Richard Kroon, Director of Technical Operations, EIDR

ADVISOR: Yonah Levenson, LMT, MESA

Yonah Levenson, Founder & Co-Chair, Language Metadata Table Working Group, MESA

ADVISOR: Nick Matlach, CDSA

Nick Matlach, Director, Global Security Compliance, Hasbro

ADVISOR: Theresa Miller, WiTH

Theresa Miller, WiTH Foundation Treasurer and Chief Information Officer, Lionsgate


Eric Rigney, Executive Vice President, MEDCA

ADVISOR: Ben Schofield, CDSA, NBCUniversal

Ben Schofield, Technical Director, CDSA

ADVISOR: Nina Skorus-Neely, WiTH

Nina Skorus-Neely, WiTH Foundation Secretary, Stirling Insights

ADVISOR: Ben Stanbury, CDSA

Ben Stanbury, Chief Technology Officer, Amazon Studios

ADVISOR: Sean Tajkowski, MEDCA

Sean Tajkowski, Technical Director & Co-Founder , MEDCA

ADVISOR: Chris Taylor, CDSA

Chris Taylor, Director, Content Security, Skydance

ADVISOR: Mary Yurkovic, MESA

Mary Yurkovic, Director, Smart Content, MESA