Cristina Mancini Jones, Twentieth Century Fox

Cristina Mancini Jones
Executive Vice President, Technology & Creative Strategy
Twentieth Century Fox

An acknowledged expert in bridging the creative aspects of technology and storytelling, Cristina Mancini leads the newly-formed Technology & Creative Strategy group at 20th Century Fox. Her focus is on identifying emerging technologies, strategic partnership opportunities, and innovative trends to extend the reach of the studio’s IP and platforms. Her role involves research on user behavior to explore how technology can be leveraged to build authentic relationships and deeper connections between audiences and storytellers.

Technology, as a creative partner, is driving and shaping the ways in which stories are now found and told. In this environment of constant change, Cristina continues to explore how the most basic human art form, creating and sharing stories, will evolve alongside the convergence of AI, experiential platforms and the Internet of Things.

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