George Muir, LiveTiles

George Muir

George started his IKEA journey in 1991 when he joined the Eastern Europe Retail build up team as IT establishment responsible. This was the start of George’s long career in technology development across IKEA, which included the digitalization of IKEA of Sweden and the establishment of Enterprise Architecture.
In the last years George has also worked in the business development areas around Digital Workplace, Human Resources and in the Process dimension. During these last two years George has worked as Process Developer for the Visualize the Future Workplace process, from within the Make IKEA a Great Workplace enabling process.
George took the decision to leave IKEA to be able to work for LiveTiles as a futurist. LiveTiles is one of the fastest growing early stage SaaS start-ups. LiveTiles is disrupting traditional solution deliver and technology business value realization by delivering a human-centric approach enterprise platform enabling a personalized Intelligent workplace.

Anyone who has met or worked with George has certainly been affected and influenced by his big personality, his big vision and his big heart for business and people.

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