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HITS Fall: Keynoters to Look at the Future of AR, Physical Production Concerns

The CEO of augmented reality (AR) technology firm Living Popups and a longtime planning consultant and expert in technical design are the bookend keynote presenters for the Oct. 3 HITS Fall event in Los Angeles.

First, the morning keynote has Cheryl Bayer, CEO of AR firm Living Popups, walking attendees of the day-long conference through the future of the tech and the impact it’s having on media and entertainment professionals, both as individuals and in their business roles within the industry. Continue reading

HITS Fall: Genpact to Examine What’s Behind Piracy Behaviors

We live in a hyper-connected world, one where media companies are now looking at new, digital solutions (powered by AI and automation) to keep up the fight against piracy and standards violations.

But content owners can also be served by looking at the drivers of piracy behaviors, examine why people steal instead of buy. That will be discussion brought by Genpact’s Maninder Singh, VP of media and entertainment and business lead, and Pradeep Ramasamy, VP and head of trust and safety practice, during the Oct. 3 breakout session “Content Protection and Moderation: When Sharing is Second Nature, How do you Safeguard High-Value, Copyrighted Content?” at HITS Fall in Los Angeles. Continue reading

HITS Fall: LiveTiles Tech Director Offers Microsoft Office 365 Insights

Any media and entertainment office today needs to strike a balance: Your team needs to be productive and engaged, but also creative and agile. And while there’s a need to centralize and secure information across your organization, you also need to promote a culture of collaboration.

David Salter, director of technology solutions for intelligent workplace software firm LiveTiles, sees at least one solution: there are ways to create an agile, digital workplace by leveraging Microsoft Office 365, and all it has to offer. Continue reading

HITS Fall: Cinelytic CEO to Share Value of Content Analytics

Content owners today are looking for every edge they can find to improve productivity and the success of what they own. Artificial intelligence-based analytics, made easily available in a cloud-based project management system, is one of the ways to do just that.

That’ll be the message Oct. 3 from Tobias Queisser, co-founder and CEO of Cinelytic, during his HITS Fall breakout presentation — “Real-time Insights at Your Fingertips: A Better Way to Assess Content Value” — in Los Angeles. Continue reading

HITS Fall: Edgescan COO to Talk Vulnerability Landscape

One of the basic tenants of a security function for any media and entertainment organization is vulnerability management, figuring out your risk exposure.

But what may sound simple on paper can be a daunting task in 2019, considering the increasing frequency of data breaches, and the way you approached vulnerability management in the past may not cut it with today’s technology stack and development methodologies. Continue reading

‘Tech Takes Talent’ Returns to the Hollywood Innovation and Technology Summit Oct. 3 in L.A.

There are new hurdles around every corner for Hollywood’s technology community today, from fulfilling the promise of direct-to-consumer, to making good on the potential metadata, machine learning and artificial intelligence bring to the table. And while there are all sorts of challenges unique to technology, above all it takes the right talent — and the right environments to evolve that talent — to get past those hurdles. Continue reading