May 19 HITS Spring Explores Impact of the Metaverse, Virtual Productions Across the Enterprise

Following successful in-person events in Los Angeles, London and Las Vegas, MESA prepares for its biggest one yet: the May 19 Hollywood Innovation and Transformation Summit (HITS), at the Universal Hilton in Los Angeles, and online via MESA’s virtual platform, the MESAverse.

The theme for this first in-person HITS since the start of the pandemic will revolve around the innovations and transformations that have occurred across all of content creation/distribution, their advanced workflows and technology requirements, and the data implications across the complex networks of platforms required to drive virtual production and metaverse experiences.

Topics included on the preliminary agenda include:

• “Building our Industry’s Future through Innovation Labs”
• “WTF with NFTs (and Why They Do Matter, LOL)”
• “Make Space to Lead: Innovating Beyond Busy”
• “Creating Impact-Driven Metaverse Experiences.”
• “Better Data Management to Keep Virtual Productions on Time and on Budget.”
• “Postproduction Workflow in 2022: Hybrid Teams and Management.”
• “What the Metaverse Means for Hollywood”
• “No Passports Needed: Content is Traveling Across Borders to Meet Audience Demand.”
• “Winning the Battle for Consumer and Advertiser Attention with Data + AI.”
• “Navigating Data with the Right Analytics Solutions.”
• “Content Moderation & Machine Learning: How Algorithms Can Automate Solutions to a Growing Problem.”

The annual Hollywood Innovation and Transformation Summit (HITS) Spring event is the industry’s largest gathering of media and entertainment’s CIOs and top technology minds, bringing together the IT, data, and security communities of the industry. Held as a “hybrid” in-person and virtual event, those not in Los Angeles can attend via Zoom or the MESAverse, MESA’s virtual work environment for its members and communities to watch live presentations, network, and step on the stage to share opinions.

The MESAverse uses ICVR’s RendezVu, a proprietary, interactive 3D-world application that will allow for hybrid live and virtual events and regular day-to-day interactions that go far beyond video conferencing. Sign up today and create your avatar!

The Hollywood Innovation and Transformation Summit event is produced by MESA in association with the Hollywood IT Society (HITS), Media & Entertainment Data Center Alliance (MEDCA), presented by ICVR and sponsored by Genpact, MicroStrategy, Whip Media, Convergent Risks, Perforce, Richey May Technology Solutions, Signiant, Softtek, Bluescape, Databricks, KeyCode Media, Metal Toad, Shift, Zendesk, EIDR, Fortinet, Arch Platform Technologies and Amazon Studios.

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To find out more about upcoming MESA events or to get involved as a sponsor please contact Evie Silvers at [email protected], or Garrett Finley at [email protected]


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