KEYNOTE: Shelton Mercer, Mercer Innovation, Audigent

Shelton Mercer
The Mercer Advisory Group and Mercer Innovation,
and CoFounder,
Audigent, TwitChange & The 20:20 Collective

Fortune 100-bred serial entrepreneur, innovation visionary and philanthropist — Shelton Mercer — is Founder and Chairman of The Mercer Advisory Group and Mercer Innovation which create places, platforms and programs that power collaboration between innovators, institutions, capital and corporations. Shelton is Co Founder of Blockchain/adtech company Audigent and Co Founder & former CEO of Mashable Award winner TwitCHANGE. Mercer is Strategic Advisor to national startup incubator network1776. Shelton passionately weaves together his life from corporate boardrooms to on the ground work in crisis areas and developing nations. Mercer has created, led and advised initiatives with Disney, Amazon, GE, Comcast NBCUniversal, Warner Music Group, Universal Music Group, KPMG, J&J, UN Foundation, United Way, University of Pennsylvania and dozens of corporations, brands, governments and organizations.