Meg Morrissey, Walt Disney Studios

Meg Morrissey,
Senior Data Librarian, Asset Management,
Walt Disney Studios

Meg is the Senior Data Librarian for Asset Management at the Walt Disney Studios. She cut her teeth on car parts, cataloging assets for the General Motors archive as a grad school student. After earning her Master of Science in Information from the University of Michigan, she made her mark in the DAM world customizing metadata models and building out streamlined workflows for clients. She’s worked with clients in CPG, entertainment, insurance, publishing, and hospitality, and she still loves the thrill of becoming an expert on a new industry. As a member of the Language Metadata Table working group, she collaborates with information professionals from across the entertainment industry to build a sustainable language code standard.

In her current role at the Walt Disney Studios, she works with a suite of applications to ensure the metadata model enhances assets and makes them easily retrievable for users across film, music, TV, and content streaming teams, to name a few. Her passion for a clean set of data is only matched by her love for a good button to add to her backpack.

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