About Smart Content: Smart-Content-Council-Logo-square-e1462292257830

Smart Content is a new term that applies to what we used to call the “digital” supply chain and how machines/data/artificial intelligence will impact business processes moving forward.
Smart Content is technology and data integrated into the content itself.

It’s how data, metadata and identifiers are being embedded; how tracking and recognition software are being written and coded; how storage and archives are using new tools to become auto-recognised, logged and classified; and how our industry will utilise and store the tremendous amount of user feedback, once our media & entertainment products have been delivered into the consumer’s devices/living rooms/ ecosystems.

Smart Content enables companies to leverage new content intelligence tools to streamline their productions and supply chains, while gaining unprecedented marketing data and analytics about how their content is being consumed.

The Smart Content Council meets regularly to share best practices, evaluate emerging technologies and collaborate to accelerate the pace of transformation in our industry.


About MESA:
Formed in 2009, MESA (Media & Entertainment Services Alliance) represents 125+ companies that are enabling the biggest transformation of media & entertainment in history.   MESA’s communities, events and media are a thought leadership voice throughout the M&E industry.

MESA communities include:

  • Hollywood IT Society (HITS)
  • Content Delivery & Security Association (CDSA)
  • Smart Content Council
  • Women in Technology: Hollywood (WiTH)

Together these groups include a curated network of content advisors and solutions providers who are accelerating the adoption of new systems and technologies in film, television and home entertainment. Thousands of thought leaders are engaged at any one of our 20+ industry events, meetings and conferences that address the fundamental business processes in: asset management, IT, supply chain, data and security.

MESA events include:

  • Smart Content Summit East and West
  • Hollywood IT Summit: Spring, Fall, NYC
  • Microsoft Media & Entertainment Day
  • Content Protection Summit West, NYC and NAB

MESA’s media properties help spread the word to over 40,000 executives worldwide every day of the year. Our e-mail newsletters and print M&E Journal explore the latest content creation, production and distribution workflows.

MESA newsletters include:

  • M&E Daily
  • M&E Europe
  • Smart Content News
  • CDSA Cybersecurity News
  • The HITS List

In addition to regular e-mails and a robust use of social media platforms, MESA’s editorial team also publishes the entertainment industry’s premier thought leadership publication, the M&E Journal, which is published bi-annually.

For more information visit:  www.mesaonline.org