Put Your Data Into Action at March 16 Smart Content Summit

Everything from big data to blockchain, artificial intelligence to machine learning, and metadata to automation will be on the agenda at the March 16 Smart Content Summit event, the top media and entertainment gathering to learn about the latest applications for the 0s and 1s in the industry.

Attendees of the full-day event will be treated to a pair of top-level keynotes, studio insights, and a collection of vendor breakout sessions to choose from, covering consumers and analytics, AI and automation, and work-from-home and disruption.

The main stage kicks off with welcome remarks from Matt Turner, chair of the Applied Data Working Group and Mary Yurkovic, director of the Smart Content Council, leading into the opening keynote of the day — “Building a Data-Driven Supply Chain” — from Anthony Accardo, director of R&D at Disney Media & Entertainment Distribution. He’ll set the tone for the day’s discussions, reviewing the key role data is playing in the supply chain, the building blocks to getting data in order, and enabling you to use it across your organization.

The panel “Oh, The Places Your Metadata Will Go! A state of the state of LMT” will offer the latest on the Language Metadata Table (LMT), a collaboration among studios, TV networks, and their service provider partners to offer a forum for the increased exchange of ideas and expertise in the meta(data)verse. Bruce Devlin, SVP of standards for SMPTE, Yonah Levenson, metadata strategy and terminology governance head for Warner Media, and co-chair of LMT, and Meg Morrissey, LMT co-chair, will be on hand.

ViacomCBS’s Eric Emeric, director of metadata management and data governance, and Sarah Nix, senior director of archives and global data governance, will illustrate how the adoption of standards leads to increased efficiencies in our workflows, with a focus on how Showtime implemented LMT, in the session “When ViacomCBS Met LMT: We’ll Have What She’s Having!”

Following a series of breakout sessions https://www.mesaonline.org/conferences/smart-content-summit-2021?cpage=breakout-sessions for attendees to choose from, running from 11:30 a.m. to 12:45 p.m., Nate Adams, director of digital media fir Warner Bros Worldwide TV Marketing, and Andy Beach, principal technical program manager for Microsoft, share how the studio and tech giant teamed up on a project to use Microsoft’s Video Indexer and Custom Vision tools to scan and index the Warner Bros TV content library. The project represents a view into the state of the M&E industry as it embraces enterprise tools for AI, and looks toward automating the content distribution pipeline at scale for a global audience.

That’s followed by the closing keynote of the day — “The Future of Smart Video Distribution” — with Xavier Kochhar, founder of The Video Genome Project, a Hulu-owned structured data company that developed the industry’s premier DTC video personalization engine. Kochhar will share how consumer data, usage data, and the deep metadata within content itself is shaping the future of the media and entertainment industry.

For the multitrack breakout sessions, industry experts will share innovative ideas, processes, or perspectives in an interactive and intimate way, with the audience free to choose which topic/area they find most interesting:

Track 1: Consumers and Analytics

• “Supercharge Your Licensing: The Race From a Content-Centric to Consumer-Centric Strategy” with Sherry Brennan, EVP and GM of content licensing, Whip Media Group.

• “Reimagining the Non-Linear Planning Process for Success!” with Dan Meyer, sales manager, BeBanjo.

• “A Data-Driven Look at the Post-Pandemic Movie Business” with David Herrin, founder and CEO, The Quorum.

Track 2: AI and Automation

• “How The Atlantic and other Publishers use Azure AI to Modernize Search of your Historical Data with Insights & Discovery Accelerator and Video Indexer” with Jamie Burgess, senior AI innovator and business architect, Microsoft.

• “Revolutionizing Media Creation and Distribution Using the Science of AI & Machine Learning” with Digital Nirvana’s Ed Hauber, director of business development, Russell Vijayan, head of AI products and services, and Russell Wise, SVP, sales and marketing.

• “Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Dynamic Content Switching (But Were Afraid to Ask)” with Jim DeChant, VP of technology, News-Press & Gazette Broadcasting, and Richard Kroon, director of technical operations, Entertainment ID Registry (EIDR).

Track 3: WFH and Disruption

• “Hollywood Stays Home in 2021” with JT Gaietto, executive director, cybersecurity, Richey May Technology Solutions.

• “All Quiet on Set! How Technology Inspired by Art can get Productions Safely Rolling” with Softtek’s Aldo Gamaliel, head of digital APIs and microservices, and Jorge Zarur, media and entertainment lead.

• “Moving Forward Even in a Crisis: The 5 Rs of Handling Disruption and Surprises with Style” with Ivo Lukas, CEO, 24Notion.

The Smart Content Summit is produced by MESA and the Smart Content Council, and is sponsored by Microsoft Azure, Whip Media Group, Richey May Technology Solutions, BeBanjo, Digital Nirvana, Softtek, 24Notion, EIDR, The Quorum and Signiant.

To register, click here. To activate a Smart Content Summit sponsorship contact Evie Silvers at [email protected] or Garrett Finley at [email protected].