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It's critical to identify the pirate wholesalers who are reselling streams illegally

Click Here for Video & Article: 40% of streams at a major sporting event were delivered to fraudulent clients

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Only when you have intelligence to understand the piracy ecosystem, can you analyze the impact and develop a plan.

Video: Breaking the Vicious Circle of Sports Piracy

Steve Hawley, Founder & Managing Director, Piracy Monitor

For many, piracy has turned the virtuous cycle of live sports video into a vicious circle. Synamedia breaks down the tools you need to break the circle of sports piracy. Continue reading

What should an OTT video provider do about video piracy?

Video: Why OTT video needs DRM and watermarking in the cloud.

Steve Hawley, Founder & Managing Director, Piracy Monitor

What is the best approach to video security for an OTT TV provider? If you are getting by with simple digital rights management (DRM), you are inviting trouble. Steve Hawley, Head of Piracy Monitor and my partner in the upcoming Video Security Summit, interviews Christopher Levy, CEO & Founder of BuyDRM, to understand what is a better approach. Continue reading

How big a problem is video piracy? What should a video provider do about it?

Video: Why it takes a village to address piracy, and video providers need 360-degree video security.

Colin Dixon, Chief Analyst & Founder, nScreenMedia interviews Derek Chang, CEO of FriendMTS. Piracy has been around for as long as media and entertainment industries have existed. As these industries evolve and content becomes more valuable, the stakes only increase. As technology becomes more advanced, the paths to content piracy become more numerous and ubiquitous.

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Sessions and panels bring industry luminaries, including media company experts, broadcasters, service providers, industry associations and suppliers of piracy detection and mitigation solutions

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Starting with a 20,000 foot survey of the broader piracy landscape and a compelling keynote to frame the proceedings, you will learn about the costs of piracy to media creators, their distributors and to consumers. Representatives of leading broadcasters, movie studios and producers of TV programs that we know and enjoy tell us the impact of piracy upon them. Continue reading

Seven sponsors are supporting more than a dozen sessions and panels

Strong Industry Support for Summit

The 2021 Video Security Summit welcomes Akamai, BuyDRM, Friend MTS, and Synamedia as Lead Sponsors, with GeoComply, Intertrust ExpressPlay and Viaccess-Orca as Supporting Sponsors. Together, they represent a great cross-section of the piracy detection and anti-piracy technology ecosystem, from end-to-end. Continue reading

The 2021 Video Security Summit takes place on October 19-20 online. Save the date and reserve your place!

Learn from Industry Leaders Who Are
Spearheading the Fight Against Piracy

The Video Security Summit is for executives, managers, and additional stakeholders who need to know what piracy is and why it’s a threat across the entire media and entertainment ecosystem.

It also leads to attacks on consumers through apps and Websites that they use and trust every day and upon the infrastructure used to deliver services to them. Continue reading