About the 2021 Video Security Summit

Learn from the people on the front lines waging the offensive battle against pirates and defending service infrastructure from hackers. This first-of-its-kind online event brings together the extended family of anti-piracy allies from across the Media and Entertainment ecosystem.

Video piracy is a multi-billion-dollar industry that profits from the theft of valuable content and services, service infrastructure, software and apps, advertising, and from “the theft of you;”
using a variety of business models. Not only does piracy undermine the ability of creative professionals, content providers, rights-holders, service providers, and others to sustain their businesses; It puts at risk their ability to provide the high-quality professionally produced content consumers demand.

Video services are attractive hacker targets as they hold valuable customer data and deliver valuable content. Popular customer-facing brands like Disney or Discovery present an almost irresistible challenge. Service security is a never-ending task as hackers exploit the latest technologies and vulnerabilities, and providers plug holes and beef up their defenses to hold them at bay.
Learn from industry leaders who are shaping the revolution in video security.

Hear successful strategies and tactics that helped identify and verify piracy, catch the criminals behind it, win in court and influence national policy. Presented by Piracy Monitor and nScreenMedia, and produced by MESA.


About Piracy Monitor:

Piracy Monitor is a free newsletter and informational Web site to help rights-holders and the broader media and entertainment industry ecosystem stay informed about the personal, business and technical risks associated with digital media piracy, and countermeasures and best practices against it.

Piracy Monitor is an initiative of tvstrategies (Advanced Media Strategies LLC), a consultancy focused on the software and infrastructure that enable the secure delivery of video to any mobile or fixed screen, using the technologies of the Internet.


About nScreenMedia:

nScreenMedia is a resource to the Digital Media Industry as it transitions to the new infrastructure for multi-screen delivery. Its founder Colin Dixon brings a wealth of knowledge on the Digital TV, Over-the-Top and IPTV spaces garnered from his 20+ years working in those industries.

Before founding nScreenMedia, Mr. Dixon spent 7 years as an analyst and partner with The Diffusion Group. Previously he held senior executive positions at Microsoft/WebTV, Liberate and Oracle delivering products and services to the Cable, Satellite, and IPTV industries.

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