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Day 1: Recognizing Piracy and Going on the Offensive

Piracy is the world’s biggest premium video service. If you are a creator, piracy is your biggest threat. If you are a distributor, it is your biggest competition. The media communications ecosystem is a critical infrastructure. It must be recognized and protected as such.
What is piracy? There’s a taxonomy for that
Theft of Services, Content, Advertising, Infrastructure, Software, and the ‘Theft of You.’ What’s real, and which are noise-level? What’s their impact on rights-holders, distributors, creatives, and the broader media industry?

The Cost of Piracy
Across broadcast, movies, premium TV programming, sports and events, brand and reputation are critical. But which has the most value and the highest priority? Piracy business models, B-to-B piracy networks, Piracy-as-a-Service. What they are and what it takes to disrupt them.

The Anti-piracy Ecosystem
The role of technology, AI, machine learning, and analytics in recognizing and verifying piracy. Anti-piracy involves a technology ecosystem. Beyond technology, anti-piracy requires collaboration across content, service, legal, law enforcement, and governmental stakeholders.
Day 2: Defending Delivery and Embracing Community

The frequency, intensity, and sophistication of cyberattacks continue to increase. Day 2 takes you inside the mind of the attacker and looks at how attacks and tools are evolving.
Infrastructure at Risk
Today’s attack surfaces include facilities, connectivity, storage, APIs, CPE, apps, and more. How does the attacker marshal its resources? How secure are the targets?

Case Studies: Security in action
Real-life attacks from beginning to end: How they are resolved, who was involved and what were the outcomes

Security 360 – Bringing it all together
Coordinating anti-piracy and securing delivery infrastructure for 360° security.

It Takes community
How anti-piracy and infrastructure defenses are complemented by a broader ecosystem of industry groups, law enforcement, the legal and court systems, government agencies, and regulators.

Trends in service security
New attack vectors, the evolution of dark web marketplaces, new tools, weak links. What should video providers be prepared to do, and for what should they budget?

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