Sessions and panels bring industry luminaries, including media company experts, broadcasters, service providers, industry associations and suppliers of piracy detection and mitigation solutions

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Starting with a 20,000 foot survey of the broader piracy landscape and a compelling keynote to frame the proceedings, you will learn about the costs of piracy to media creators, their distributors and to consumers. Representatives of leading broadcasters, movie studios and producers of TV programs that we know and enjoy tell us the impact of piracy upon them.

Also on the first day, we’ll hear about the detection and shut-down of a famous European pirate app that had more than 40 million subscribers – with huge revenue impact on the creators and distributors of this work.

There’s also the piracy of advertising, which goes largely unacknowledged. Pirates use stolen advertising to distract users from their malicious intent, and give their apps an air of legitimacy. Learn about one top TV distributor’s fight to maintain its position as a safe place to advertise.

On our second day, our focus turns to securing distirbution infrastructure from intrusion and capacity theft. See how piracy can be identified by detecting anomalous traffic in unintended locations, and how the measurement of piracy traffic can translate into untapped opportunities.

It takes a village of rights owners, distributors, and technologists to protect our industry. We’ll discuss techniques for protecting, detecting, and enforcing security policies from content creation to the viewer experience.

We wind down our second day by returning to the bigger picture. Piracy is a global problem where nearly every case transcends national boundaries. Also along the lines of community, we’ll learn how industry organizations work closely with law enforcement, media companies, court systems and government regulators to help catch the pirates, build evidence, and shut them down, even as they change addresses and domains to evade capture.

Just a few weeks left to go!