What should an OTT video provider do about video piracy?

Video: Why OTT video needs DRM and watermarking in the cloud.

Steve Hawley, Founder & Managing Director, Piracy Monitor

What is the best approach to video security for an OTT TV provider? If you are getting by with simple digital rights management (DRM), you are inviting trouble. Steve Hawley, Head of Piracy Monitor and my partner in the upcoming Video Security Summit, interviews Christopher Levy, CEO & Founder of BuyDRM, to understand what is a better approach.

Mr. Levy runs down the history of DRM and why it represents the bare minimum security for video. He explains why DRM with watermarking is a better approach and why watermarking in the cloud at the origin streaming server is the only scalable approach.

Chapter 1: About Christopher Levy and the origins of BuyDRM (1:30)

In describing the origins of BuyDRM, Mr. Levy runs down the evolution of DRM and the arrival of watermarking.

Chapter 2: The case for watermarking at the streaming server (11:00)

For Internet TV providers, the combination of DRM and watermarking is a great solution. Implementing the solution in association with the streaming server is the best way to make it scale.

Chapter 3: Why watermarking in the cloud is the best solution (20:00)

Europe’s largest cloud provider, OVH Cloud, recently purchased BuyDRM. Mr. Levy explains by DRM+Watermarking is a solution best delivered from the cloud.

Chapter 4: The future of video security (25:20)

Mr. Levy sees watermarking as a key part of protecting live sports online. He also sees changes with the CDNs and more consolidation in the market.

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