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Now Available: Conference Program and Session Agenda

With June 14 fast approaching, we’re excited to announce our conference program for the 2022 Video Secuirty Summit
It’s a two part program. Our first half is about recognizing piracy and its impact. After a quick refresher and a view of today’s piracy landscape, we get right to the business at hand with a case study of a major pay TV provider in the Americas that recognizes anti-piracy as an end-to-end proposition, seeking not only to see where their video programming is going illegally, but also to protect consumer end-pionts and apply risk scores that help them prioritize their efforts. We’ll also see how another video provider recognizes sports piracy and shuts it down while events are in progress and we’ll learn about emerging techniques that complement anti-piracy initiatives that are already underway. Continue reading

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Register now for the 2022 Video Security Summit, the industry’s only all-digital event dedicated specifically to piracy. Event date is Tuesday June 14, from 7:30 AM – 11:30 AM Pacific time.

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It’s time for executives, managers, and stakeholders across the media and entertainment ecosystem and beyond, to understand what piracy is, why it’s an ongoing threat, what can be done about it and how to fight it through the power of collaboration. Continue reading