Part 1 – Recognizing piracy and its impact

Opening and Piracy 101 Refresher

Greeting and introduction to piracy. Market stats, segmentation/taxonomy of piracy. What’s changed in the past year.
Colin Dixon, Founder & Chief Analyst, nScreenMedia
Guy Finley, President & Chief Executive Officer, MESA
Steve Hawley, Managing Director, Piracy Monitor

New Ways to Prevent, Detect and Combat Piracy, Thanks to Advances in Cybersecurity

When it comes to anti-piracy, large video providers have multiple needs, which challenge the conventional wisdom that anti-piracy is a simple matter settled by watermarking, monitoring and take-down notices. In reality, anti-piracy is about the entire lifecycle of the service, from end to end. In fact, everything is exposed to the risk of attack by pirates, from CAS and DRM to APIs and storage. It’s about risk-scoring and shutting down hidden access points in end-user apps and in distribution.
Sebastian Braun, Sr Director, Product Management, Verimatrix
Steve Hawley, Managing Director, Piracy Monitor

Pinpointing and Shutting Down Sports Piracy at Lightning Speed

Popular sports programming is particulartly vulnerable to piracy, and quickly Identifying infringing use is critical, both because the programming itself is valuable and becuse sports matches only hold their value while the event is in progress. Furthermore, sports leagues and video distributors are held to strict exclusivity terms, and as soon as a match gets out in the wild, those terms are breached. Hear how a major video provider preserves the value of sports programming and services by detecting anomalous use, building evidence and acting to stop it
Andrew Pope, Senior Solutions Architect, Friend MTS
John Ward, Executive Vice President, Americas, Friend MTS
Steve Hawley, Managing Director, Piracy Monitor

OTT Infrastructure Security: An End-to-End Proposition

As distribution has taken the ultimate leap to cloud-native infrastructures that serve multi-screen environments, OTT platform providers have placed a high priority on end-to-end safeguarding of the media & entertainment industry’s $230 billion-plus content investment. In this fireside chat, Firstlight Media COO Goutham Vinjamuri will discuss current video streaming strategies such as DRM and app security, as well as new opportunities that protect content at every point in the distribution chain.
Goutham Vinjamuri, Chief Operating Officer, Firstlight Media
Colin Dixon, Founder & Chief Analyst, nScreenMedia

Part 2 – Protecting critical infrastructure

Securing Video: Thinking Outside the Stream

Securing the video stream is only the beginning of defeating the pirates. This session is rooted in the practicalities of video security and will discuss the challenges in securing everything associated with a video asset workflow. Join nScreenMedia’s Colin Dixon and two security experts from Akamai as they dig into the often-surprising ways fraudsters attack your video business’s infrastructure.

Topics covered will include:
• Are API calls to third-party content hitting the right target?
• Security gaps in your app that make it vulnerable
• Do you know where your content is going?
• Why you could be unintentionally helping the pirates steal your content, your customers, your brand, and your reputation

Sean Flynn, Director of Security Strategy and Technology, Akamai Technologies
Mark Barron, Principal Solutions Engineer – Digital Media, Akamai Technologies
Moderator: Colin Dixon, nScreenMedia

Hijacked Residential IPs – A New Threat to the Content Delivery Ecosystem

Millions of users who downloaded “free” VPN software to bypass territorial content restrictions have unwittingly had their residential IPs hijacked by these VPN providers (through the terms of service) and then sold to the highest bidder – usually other VPNs who then sell these residential IPs as a premium priced option to by-pass existing VPN detection.

This “premium” service enables users to access territorially restricted content by pretending to be an “undetectable” residential IP in a specific geographical territory. Whether you’re a consumer, content owner, rightsholder or OTT provider, learn how geolocation fraud via hijacked residential IPs is threatening the entire content delivery ecosystem and how you can stop it!
James Clark, Head of Media & Entertainment, GeoComply
Steve Hawley, Managing Director, Piracy Monitor

Emerging piracy use-cases and anti-piracy countermeasures

We examine the the gap between content protection and anti-piracy and how a holistic approach can help close it. We also discuss how distributed ledger technologies and other advances in the validation of asset ownership can better protect against piracy.
Scott Carlson, Head of Digital Asset Security, Kudelski Security
Steve Hawley, Managing Director, Piracy Monitor