Ana Arauz, Codetalk Alumna

Ana Arauz,
Desire to specialize in Software Development and UX Design
Codetalk Alumna (Codetalk Alum)

Born in New York, NY. Proud daughter of Cuban and Spanish parents. Proud mother of a special-needs 11 year old. Graduate of Bernard Baruch College with a BBA in Human Resource and Operations Management. Columbia University Alumni Operations Resource Management.From 2003 to 2006 worked as an Administrative Assistant. In 2007, began employment with a B2B wholesaler interested in taking the business online. By 2008, the business successfully launched three companies on eBay,Buy.comand Amazon. I was very happy.In early 2015, I moved to Los Angeles, CA.I encountered challenges in my personal life in my personal relationship.I was living in a world that was foreign to me and was confused as to the situation I had put my daughter and myself in. Through my struggle to make things work, living with someone struggling with a mental illness andsubstance abuse took a toll on my mental and physical health.I became homeless in 2016. It was difficult not having any family, friends and knowing nothing about Los Angeles. I felt regret. My daughter was placed in foster care for two years. I was fortunate to have survived the first six months on shelter waiting lists at an acquaintance’s house. In the meantime, I began workingpart-time as an Administrative Assistant to the Assistant Buyer at USC. I also attended mental health counseling and weekly visitation with my daughter.I entered Good Shepherd Center in late 2016 which became the first steps to the beginning of a positive path. In 2018, things were looking up, I got custody of my daughter and a few months later moved into an apartment in Los Angeles. I focused on my daughters’ well-being and my self-growth.In August 2020 I was introduced to St. Joseph’s Center and CodeTalk. I completed and submitted an online registration form for CodeTalk and was accepted. It wasmy pleasure to first meet Dawn when she kindly brought over the materials I would need to complete the 16-week course. From the first day, I felt like I was part of a family. I had no experience coding but had the desire to learn. We learned graphic design concepts, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Bootstrap. Our final project was a group project to design a website for an Indie Record label. It brought all of us together and tested our abilities. It was an amazing experience to work with all the ladies. I hope to specialize in Software Development and UX Design.