IT Spending Could Get Better (CIO Dive)

IT budgets are on the rise in 2021, but could remain in flux as CIOs navigate a business environment changed by COVID-19.... More

Genpact Honored in New Banking Managed Services Report

Genpact's digital and domain expertise and strategic acquisitions recognized for driving transformation for clients. (more…)... More

Worldwide IT Spending to Surge to $3.9T in 2021 (ZDNet)

Investment in remote working, education, and business transformation are tipped as reasons for recovery.... More

Win Gen Z Customers With Modernized IT (Thrive)

Because they grew up with digital tools, members of Gen Z also have a different relationship with companies, says Tom Hetterscheidt, chief technologist for the banking and capital ... More

IT Budgets are Up in the Air – Here’s What Businesses are Buying in 2021 (CIO Dive)

Companies are split on what direction IT spending will take in 2021; 32% of IT departments expect an IT spend decrease during the next year, but 49% expect their budget to increase... More

Redefining the Business Analyst Role (IW)

Today, business analysts are expected to not only collaborate with business users as they have in the past but also to be active "doers" on IT projects that they undertake.... More

5 CFO Trends to Watch in 2021 (CFO Dive)

Greater attention to ESG metrics, real-time data and the wind-down of LIBOR are among the trends you’ll see this year.... More

IT Budget Predictions for 2021 (CIO Dive)

Tech spend is less likely to face severe cuts in 2021 than previous forecasts suggested. But it's not out of the woods yet.... More

4 IT Spending Traps to Avoid (CIO Dive)

With IT spend under scrutiny, don't fall for these budget missteps impacting businesses' bottom lines.... More

What is Autonomous Finance? (Salesforce Blog)

Autonomous finance uses AI and automation to deliver personalized, optimized experiences specific to the financial services industry. It requires a shift in how organizations appro... More

Using Data Analytics to Improve Audit Functions (CFO Dive)

Data analytics enables finance leaders to employ a risk-based approach to conducting internal and compliance audits and prioritize improvements when problems are found.... More

Worldwide IT Spending to Grow by 4% in 2021 (IA)

All IT spending segments are predicted to decline in 2020, but enterprise software is expected to have the strongest rebound in 2021, due to acceleration of digitalisation efforts ... More

EY Names Janet Truncale as Vice Chair and Regional Managing Partner of the Americas Financial Services Organization

Truncale will succeed Anthony Caterino, who has been named Senior Vice Chair and Deputy Managing Partner of EY Americas. Truncale has served in several leadership roles during her ... More

Reshaping the CFO Role (CFO Magazine)

The pandemic has chief financial officers once again playing an ever-increasing strategic role in forward-thinking organizations.... More

5 IT Spend Trends to Watch (CIO Dive)

Certain areas, such as software and emerging technologies, will contract in the coming year, giving way to a sharper focus on cloud and software that directly enables productivity,... More

The Cost CFOs Refuse to Cut: Employee Retention (CFO Dive)

When reexamining their budgets, companies overwhelmingly are prioritizing staff retention despite the economic downturn. Fearing the departure of top performers, CFOs are shielding... More

COVID-19 Drives Biggest Surge in Technology Investment in History (IA)

Covid-19 has caused the biggest ever surge in technology investment, as companies spent around $15 billion extra a week on technology during the pandemic’s first wave. This techn... More

How COVID-19 Has Changed IT’s Focus, Plans for 2021 (CW)

Bread-and-butter investments to modernise workforce systems and improve IT operations are the post-pandemic focus for IT buyers in North America and Europe, a survey shows.... More

IT Budgets 2020-21: Planning for Business Continuity in Uncertain Times (ZDNet)

The 2020/21 IT budgeting cycle has been disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting global recession, with many companies readjusting their IT spending, headcounts and new... More

How COVID-19 Will Affect 2021 IT Budgets (ZDNet)

As IT budgetary planning for 2021 begins, many organizations are seeing the impact of COVID-19 on their IT priorities and tech spends.... More

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