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Cloud Ops Engineer

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Your role will be to help define, build and deploy the hosting infrastructure:

Provisioning and monitoring of hosts & VMs
Deployment and monitoring of containers
Administration and Security of the network
Monitoring and reporting of the applications
Addressing security concerns

You will work directly with developers and architects and you will be expected to bring the “Ops” view: you will contribute to the design of the system with the goal to make operation easy and safe.

You are expected to be a real technician and to not be afraid by experiencing new tools or coding.

The target technical environment includes:

System: Linux/*NIX
Cloud Providers: AWS EC2 & Google CE
AWS tools: EC2, Cloudformation, VPC, IAM …
Deployment: Ansible, Vagrant,
Containers: Docker, Compose, Swarm, Kubernetes, Rancher
Monitoring: Datadog, Sumologic, Syslog
Security: Firewall, Iptables, AWS Security Group, IDS
Versioning: GIT

The role requires talented people with the following qualifications:

3+ years experience in a high-availability production environment
Experience in monitoring, metrics collection, and reporting using open source or SaaS tools.
Excellent organizational skills and customer-service oriented
Ability to work with minimal supervision, making decisions based upon priorities, schedules and an understanding of business initiatives.
Critical attention to detail, thoroughness and documentation
Must be willing to learn, upgrade technical skills, and co-operate as part of a team