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Data Engineer, Program Management

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At Wasabi, we’re a proven collection of pioneers, visionaries and disruptive doers. We see things differently than our competitors, and we make our mark in the industry by challenging the norm and delivering the unexpected and improbable. We’re a fast-growing company taking the Cloud Storage industry by storm and recognized as one of the best places to work in Boston.

Wasabi hot cloud storage is a new class and category of cloud storage, breaking all traditional barriers and boundaries of storage with a disruptive value proposition of being 1/5th the cost of AWS S3, faster than the competition, with no fees for egress or API request and delivered as a single-tier solution. Cloud storage has never been so simple, so fast and so inexpensive. It’s all part of our vision to make cloud storage the next great global utility, just like electricity.

Role Purpose:

The Data Engineer will be an integral part of the Engineering and Operations team, responsible for improving the overall visibility and productivity associated with our people, process, and products/services. The Data Engineer will combine data collection and analysis to create a framework that provides insights and reporting across the Engineering and Operations organization to create a truly data driven organization with a software first approach. Over time, this role may evolve into working with other teams to plug into a broader data collection, visualization and business intelligence framework for the entire company. The framework will be instrumental in ensuring that the key stakeholders have the necessary data to make informed decisions. Further, this role requires engaging with people across functions to collect input, convert that into software that ingests, processes, and provides data visualization. This is a highly visible role, is fast paced and requires a person who thrives on agile, speed to market and outcome based environments. This role reports to the Sr Director of Program Management.


The data engineer is responsible for establishing, reporting, and visualizing data associated with product development, project management, testing, technical operations and supply chain functions.

Create integrations with and between various tools and systems to create data pipelines to store and process data.

Leverage raw data, build data structures, and data mine by extracting essential information to find patterns in large data sets and help in data classification, develop insights and predictions.

Drive operational efficiency by creating the software platform and framework for collecting and visualizing data, and extending the platform to support answering key questions needed to drive efficiency.

Create compelling, simple to understand dashboards from data and the ability to analyze to create insights.


5+ years of experience in Data Engineering, Data Design and Data Analysis, working with large datasets.

Bachelor’s degree or postgraduate in Computer Science or equivalent.

A passion for programming, data analysis and visualizing data through software.

Hands-on experience with Python, and Database as it pertains to data engineering, ability to learn published APIs to create data pipelines and tool integrations

Demonstrable experience in data visualization tools and dashboards is required.

Knowledge of CI/CD systems, and software development methodologies is desirable.

Demonstrable experience in data modeling, ETL development, and data warehousing, or similar skills.

Ability to communicate with stakeholders and establish best practices regarding data management and implement such practices.