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Data Solutions Lead – Content

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We are looking for a Solutions Lead to join Spotify’s global data organization. In Data we tackle complex, data-intensive research questions, build data platforms and apps, and cultivates Spotify’s data-first culture. Solutions Leads are the critical interface between Data and the business to ensure that insights are actionable and are incorporated into the day-to-day decision making process.

You will have a hand in building and running the world’s leading data organization.

What you’ll do

  • Understand the strategy, priorities, and pain points of a function and bring that deep understanding to the data org.
  • Ability to maximize the cross-functional impact of our research and platform projects
  • Conceive of new features or components of existing projects or platforms that would advance the work of the function
  • Always be inputting business POV into our research and platform projects
  • Design new solutions (research, platforms, culture) to advance the work of the function and/or of analysis within the function — consult with other Solutions Leads to explore the potential of common solutions
  • Design and evolve a data-first strategy for the function (e.g Product) with the Lead and the team. Advise on how the function becomes data-first, imagine what new areas data and analysis could impact, and recommend idea and solutions for how they can achieve that impact
  • Draw on best practices learned and collected from across the company
  • Draw on best practices learned from interaction with other companies, scholarship, conferences, etc.
  • Devise new data-first strategies, practices, and ideas
  • Communicate what we solve and build in Data to the function, ensuring that outputs land successfully and achieve their intended impact. Follow that impact and share findings with Analytics squads to inform our ‘tweak it’ phases.
  • This role will report to the Head of Data Solutions