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Design Engineer

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The opportunity

Are you passionate about web UI design and development, solving design problems at scale, and crafting simple and elegant solutions for complex problems? Adobe Design is seeking a Design Engineer to join our Spectrum Design Engineering team. We bridge design and technology, providing Adobe with tools, infrastructure, and services that enable design consistency across a range of products.

We are seeking a knowledgeable and compassionate developer who can help us build a positive open- and inner-source community. This developer will help web product teams build with Spectrum-based components, using design data to ensure implementation accuracy.

Team members participate in key planning activities, such as feature discovery, system architecture, requirements definition, project scope, and delivery. Overall, this role has direct ownership and plays a key role in ensuring Spectrum is available for our customers in a timely, stable, and scalable way.

What you’ll do

Collaborate with the Spectrum design team to ensure the design system’s aesthetic is built into implementation libraries while maintaining an idiomatic API for consumers.

Extract and clarify data from designs, map data to clear abstractions, and integrate that design data into the Spectrum implementations using patterns expected by product web developers.

Writing clarifying documentation to communicate engineering approach, support contributors and consumers in the internal and open source community, perform code reviews, and help grow the predictability and stability of the framework.

Partner with product teams to define, build, support, and validate implementations of Spectrum in Adobe’s products.

Work with various toolsets and teams to understand design’s requirements and communicate engineering concerns back to design.

Assist in the discovery and delivery of fixes for Spectrum implementation gaps.

Document and share our ground-breaking techniques with the wider web development and design engineering communities.

What you need to succeed


Has experience building sophisticated web UI using either no frameworks or multiple frameworks, build tools, and the latest Javascript/ECMAScript features (2+ years).

Experience with CSS architecture and standard processes, such as pre- and post-processors, cross-browser concerns, layout, CSS custom properties, responsive design, and animation (2+ years)

Working experience with web UI implementation, semantic HTML, and direct experience using vanilla Javascript

Experience with git and GitHub, the process of contribution to open source development, and performing peer code reviews

Has built UI following accessibility practices (WCAG), web standards, and testing methods including unit testing and visual regression testing.

A pragmatic, collaborative and open-minded outlook, and a high degree of comfort working in a fast-paced environment closely working with designers and engineers.


Familiarity with design systems concepts such as tokens, tooling, standard methodologies, and how they integrate with product development

Experience with Typescript, web components standards, lit-based component development, and related aspects of that ecosystem.

Experience using Node.js ecosystem and npm package development

Experience building libraries, frameworks, or SDKs used by other developers

Experience building responsive components for mobile web

Practice with open development, providing collaborative and detailed feedback to other team members

Hands-on usage of build, test, and release methods; such as compilers, linting, CI/CD tooling, software testing and validation techniques, and modern dev-ops practices