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Digital Marketing Analyst, Okta.com

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Our company website sits at the intersection of demand and awareness. It’s the centerpiece of our brand and the number one driver of leads for our demand generation team—and we’re just scratching the surface in terms of what’s possible.

Okta’s web marketing team is looking for a Digital Marketing Associate to focus on conversion optimization (CRO) and quantitative marketing that will build and scale web generated pipeline for Okta’s business. The position will live in data to create personalized audience segments, build and execute tests, and optimize content for conversion throughout the site. Primary projects will include demand generation campaigns, designing and implementing tests A/B tests that reach statistical significance, personalization, localization, and conceptualizing designs for landing pages and new sections of the website.

In addition to lead gen, s/he will ensure consistency and quality across web content, and develop new pages in collaboration with various internal stakeholders. This role will report into web marketing and work closely with the demand generation team.

Job Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Develop a deep understanding of existing and prospective users and what drives them convert into leads
  • Increase on-page conversion rates (CRO) to improve the efficiency of generated pipeline across the site
  • Design and implement A/B tests to optimize lead flow that result in measurable improvements to campaigns
  • Define and operationalize meaningful segments of Okta.com users
  • Use testing and analytics software (like Optimizely, Google Analytics, Salesforce, and Marketo) to measure the down funnel impact of changes made to the site
  • Build reports that distill engagement, leads, and other performance data into actionable insights across the business
  • Work within Drupal to add, edit, and style written and visual content for the website
  • Project manage internal and external teams to build new pages for the site

Minimum REQUIRED Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

  • 2+ years working on growth marketing, user acquisition, and demand gen to analyze and produce marketing sourced leads and pipeline
  • Experience with large datasets and understanding of statistical analysis, common quant techniques, including experiment design with A/B and multivariate testing
  • Experience with audience segmentation and dynamic content
  • Strong understanding of Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, and testing tools
  • Experience with marketing automation systems and digital marketing tools
  • Comfortable working with numbers, KPIs, and optimizing conversion rates while thinking strategically
  • Past experience working with complex product solutions (preferably in SaaS) is a plus
  • Localization experience is a plus