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Product Manager, Desktop

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It’s an amazing time to be working at Box, especially for product managers. We are a big enough company to have the ability to execute large-scale deliverables. And just small enough that you can play an important role in that delivery. With millions of users on our platform, we have an opportunity to ship products that will change the way that people work. It’s with that backdrop that we’re hiring a product manager for our desktop products. These products today include Box Sync, Box for Desktop, Box Edit and other clients for Mac and Windows PCs. This area is one of our most used product sets and people literally clap and cheer when we deliver new products and features to make their work lives better. 🙂

Why the team needs you
We have an experienced desktop team today, but we’re building and rolling out some of the most important products in the history of our company. We’d love to add someone dynamic to the team who brings a mix of solid product management acumen/skill and domain expertise to the team.

Why you need Box
Box is growing fast. Real fast. Every business in the world is looking to modernize the way that they work. As the leader in cloud content management, Box is the only company that can help enterprises transform how people work together.

We are a product company and our product managers are highly visible and engaged across the business. On one day, you’ll be talking to the IT team that drives hundreds of thousands of Box users at a Fortune 500 company. The next, you’ll be evaluating the DAU of your product and the user experience we’re building on the desktop.

Who you are
You’re a product person through and through. You care deeply about how your products materially make your customers’ lives better. And you understand the business and the analytics/metrics that drive success. You bring that ethos to work every day, where you work collaboratively with design, analytics, and engineering team members to bring amazing products to market.

Here’s the fine print:

You’ve got a few years (2-4?) under your belt as a product manager where you’ve worked to build and launch products with highly cross-functional teams

You “get” the desktop challenge: that is, it would be great if you’ve actually worked on or shipped a desktop product before

(Bonus points) you’ve worked in a consumer product setting and your mental frame of view has an analytics dashboard glued to it

You want to be an amazing product manager and you have a good awareness of what you do well on this front and where you’d like to grow