M+E Technology Job Board

Security Engineer


Apple is seeking an exceptional Property Security Lead to provide technical leadership for the Internet Software and Services organization, which includes iTunes, iCloud, Maps, and Siri.

You will collaborate with developers, deployment engineers, and security teams to secure Internet Software and Services applications and services, present and future. Your activities will include threat modeling, creating and executing risk mitigation strategies. You will be working with partner teams on security tools, penetration, and security testing methodologies to keep Apple services tight. You will experience a rapidly evolving technology and threat landscape and contribute to the education of teams on secure application design, development, and testing. Expect to be exposed to a broad range of systems, including web applications, distributed processing, and virtualized environments.
Key Qualifications

Passionate about keeping Apple’s customers safe
Able to articulate technical details and risks to business leaders
Highly collaborative
Enjoys multitasking, organizing and prioritizing complex projects to meet deadlines
Experienced in developing more than one of the following: network-based appliance, web/SaaS service, and advance data analytics
Ability to listen for nuances and dig into details in order to understand systems deeply
Share your breadth of technical knowledge, including security best practices, principles and threat landscape
Shift perspectives to understand the goals and methods of an attacker
Learn about new security technologies and methodologies
Collaborate with other motivated colleagues working towards a similar goal
Act with high ethical standards and integrity


You will:
Be the leader of the security team responsible for Internet Services including: iCloud, iTunes, Maps, and Siri, among other properties
Manage and improve a set of critical security infrastructure services for authentication, logging, scanning, and detection
Design, develop, and implement security controls and tools that improve the defense of Apple internet services infrastructure and applications
Work with engineers to threat model new features and design responsive controls to ensure end-to-end customer protection
Lead cutting-edge security efforts at a scale you’ll only be able to find at Apple
Work cross-functionally with teams throughout Apple on technology and initiatives to enhance security and bring security best practices to our products and services
Develop production infrastructure fixes to complex vulnerabilities

Bachelors in Computer Science or Engineering with an emphasis in Information Security or a related field, or equivalent experience.
Additional Requirements

Minimum 12 years of relevant experience
Strong understanding of security assurance methodologies and technologies, such as secure coding standards, static and dynamic security testing, and secure software development lifecycles
Strong understanding of modern software architectures, such as system, distributed system, data center, and web services architectures
Analysis and communication skills to help others comprehend complex data
Expertise in programming and scripting languages, such as C, C++, Java, Swift, Python, Perl, PHP, Ruby, shell, etc.
Deep UNIX systems administration skills