M+E Technology Job Board

Senior Lead Software Engineer


The candidate will be part of a highly skilled engineering team that’s responsible for creating the software that runs Akamai’s world-wide network, one of the largest distributed systems in the world. Our software is a combination of many different technologies. It is a web server, a web client, a distributed caching engine, and much more. It provides a scalable, fault tolerant solution to web sites for handling their traffic, speeds up applications and downloads, provides security, determines the fastest route from point A to point B, and provides a wide array of reporting abilities for our Network Operations Command Center and our customers. Our technology is changing the rules of the game and challenging traditional thinking in a rapidly growing and very exciting market.

As a Senior Lead Software Engineer you will be responsible for:
* Providing technical leadership to dynamic and diverse engineering team
* Improving the performance, scalability and reliability of our massively distributed system.
* Development of features which empower our network to deliver major events such as the FIFA World Cup, the Olympics, and March Madness.
* Investigating complex issues which may arise from deployment of these software features while delivering 10+ Tbps of traffic across the globe.

About the Team
The Media division is responsible for developing Akamai’s Live/On-demand OTT (Over-the-Top) solutions as well as for the software used to deliver, download, store, and manage digital media and other web content via the Akamai network. Due to the unmatched scale and video streaming quality of the Akamai network, almost all of large-scale broadcasters, film distributors as well as sports broadcasters use this platform to reach millions of end users throughout the world. The group is directly responsible for developing software which streams almost all of the biggest online events including World Cup Soccer, Indian Premier League, Olympics, March Madness, Super Bowl, and other major sporting and entertainment events.

Required Education and Experience
* 8 years of relevant experience and a Bachelors degree or
* 6 years of relevant experience and a Masters degree or
* 3 years of relevant experience and a PhD

Required Skills
* 8+ years of experience with C/C++ on Linux or a Unix-based OS.
* 5+ years of experience with multi-threaded development.
* 2+ years of technical lead or engineering management experience

Desired Skills
* Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
* Proven track record of working on high quality code that needs knowledge of interaction with different subsystems such as memory manager, file system, and networking.
* Ability to quickly debug problems and performance bottlenecks stemming from complex interactions between user and kernel space.
* Experience in one or more scripting languages (shell, Perl, Python, etc).
* SSL knowledge, preferably working knowledge of openssl.
* Experience with the architecture of large, distributed and complex systems.
* Working knowledge of XML, OpenSSL and tools used for analyzing systems performance.
* Experience with Internet protocols, including TCP/IP, UDP/IP, and HTTP.
* Strong communication skills and ability to work across teams.
* Ability to work in a fast-paced, dynamic, small-team environment.
* Experience in a role requiring highly responsible, self-disciplined, self-managed, self-motivated, work with little or no supervision.