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Senior Storage Software Engineer

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Oracle Exadata technology is the newest innovation in Oracle’s history as the provider of the industry’s number one database technology.  Exadata group (Server Technologies Division) is responsible for the development of all aspects of the Exadata Storage Server and Exadata Database Machine which is named as Oracle’s most successful new product.

Exadata Database Machine is the only database appliance in the industry that is capable of providing extreme performance for data warehousing, OLTP and consolidated workloads. Built using database and storage software from Oracle and industry standard hardware from Sun, Exadata Database Machine provides a fully optimized engineered system for best performance, scalability and high availability.

At the heart of every Oracle Exadata Database Machine are the Oracle Exadata Storage Servers. These are smart ‘data aware’ storage servers which provide Smart Scans, Smart Flash Cache, Smart Flash Log and Hybrid Columnar Compression technologies. Exadata group is responsible for the development of these innovative technologies that power the Exadata family of systems.

Job Responsibilities

This position is located at Oracle HQ, Redwood Shores, CA.

– Design and implement the database and Storage IO data path in Oracle Exadata Database Machine.
– Design and implement Exadata Storage Server offload features such as Smart Scan, Smart Backup, Smart File Creation, etc that are responsible for extreme performance of the Storage Server.
– Implement software designed to be fault tolerant in the presence of unanticipated software failures
– Develop algorithms and distributed systems software that runs on a large Database and Storage cluster
– Work on multiple projects at once in a fast-paced, exciting and rapidly growing environment

Job Requirements

– Bachelors/Masters/PhD in Computer Science
– Strong motivation or background to work on parallel and distributed algorithms to scale systems
– C/C++ expertise and ability to debug complex systems problems
– Extensive development experience on Linux

Detailed Description and Job Requirements
Design, develop, troubleshoot and debug software programs for databases, applications, tools, networks etc.

As a member of the software engineering division, you will take an active role in the definition and evolution of standard practices and procedures. You will be responsible for defining and developing software for tasks associated with the developing, designing and debugging of software applications or operating systems.